We are GoCustomized, an e-commerce startup with our hearts set on turning inspiration into physical items!
Designed by you, made by us! From our production facility in the heart of Amsterdam, we strive to give you the best, personalised products!

- Team GoCustomized

GoCustomized is a young e-commerce start-up situated in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We focus primarily on the gadget accessories market with our unique and original personalised products. The world of tablets and smartphones has become a bland, expressionless environment where each gadget is but a mimic of its predecessor. We believe we can bring personality and uniqueness back to your favourite gadgets in a simple, inexpensive way.

Common...Give me something new and exciting! That was exactly our thought back in 2012 when we set forth on our mission to give you a means to give your gadget a unique and fresh new look. It all started in May 2012 with the release of our first, in-house developed, customised product: The iPhone 4S Back cover. The back cover was a completely customizable glass replacement for the back of the iPhone 4S. It was our flagship and an immediate success. We tasted victory and wanted more.

Now, nearly 5 years, 250 cases and 50 devices later, we are moving faster than ever. All our products share one vital element – Your inspiration. All our products are customizable by use of self-made designs, patterns, pictures, text or quotes. Don’t have any inspiration? Then check out our designer cases. One thing is for sure, you will have a one of a kind personalised phone or tablet case!

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A Master of personalized printing. Here at GoCustomized we have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of printing. We specialize in ensuring that the materials we use are in perfect combination with the print technique applied. We have the ability to deliver the best results, no matter which case type, shape or material you choose. We can therefore always guarantee a perfect finish.

But by all means don’t thank us, thank our operators; each and every case is made specifically by them for you. There are no mass production lines here at GoCustomized. Each case is made with the single goal of giving you something unique and special. This work ethic has earned us over a 1000 reviews with a respectable average score of 8,3 and we’re proud of it!


2020, 2021, 2022, WHAT A TIME. The world has changed in ways we never expected, and we thought it was about time to reflect on our brand, company, and values. It is time to redefine GoCustomized. To mark a new beginning, we are introducing you to our new logo. We hope you love it!

  • Michiel van de Plassche

    Michiel van de Plassche

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Marc Hilhorst

    Marc Hilhorst

    Managing Partner
  • Marie Larriere

    Marie Larriere

    Head of Business Operations
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