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  • The New iPad 2017: What's New?

    The iPad Air era is over ... we leave room for the "New iPad." There are no major revolutionary innovations in the name, but what about the tablet? Apple has revolutionized the mobile and tablet market. You may notice a decrease in creativity in the last few years. Changes and improvements are limited, despite a gradual increase in prices. So what's new and different about the "New iPad?" Read on to find out ...

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  • The future of Social Networks is virtual: Facebook introduces " Spaces " !

    You'll be able to hang out with friends in 3D with the social media giant's new VR platform: Facebook Spaces. Do you wanna know everything about what is going to be the future of the Social Networks? Keep reading!

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  • New rumors: iPhone 8!

    We discovered some interesting rumors about the release of iPhone 8 and we want to keep you up to date! If you want to know more about what Apple is planning for iPhone 8, then read on ...

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  • Apple or Android?

    A year-long battle, where everyone has an opinion. What's better? Apple or Android? You want a new phone, but you are considering moving from Android to iOS, or vice versa. Is the grass really greener on the other side, or should you stick to what you know? Here we outline the pros and cons of Android phones and iPhones for you. It's Android vs iPhone: iOS vs Android. Want to know more about this and draw a final conclusion which of these two major powers will win? Read on!

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  • New HTC One X10

    After launching HTC U Ultra and U Play models at the beginning of the year there were some rumors that the Taiwanese company is planning to launch the new HTC One X10. It is said that this smartphone will be the successor to the previously announced HTC One X9. Do you want to know more about what the features of HTC One X10? Keep on reading to find out!

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