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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Gift Ideas: Mother To Be Edition

    Do you know a mother to be and want to give her a unique gift to celebrate her and the new chapter in her life? Are you fresh out of ideas on what to get her since you don't want to be basic? No worries - keep reading for totally fresh ideas for gifts!

    Image result for mother to be Source: Keep calm-o-matic

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  • Back to School Designs

    In two weeks it is time again! The holidays are coming to an end and, as every year, the typical mixed feelings are setting in: the ending of the summer holidays and the anticipation for the next school year or semester - and with it everything new and unknown, lies before us. Error 404: No motivation found? Motivate yourselves with a brand new mobile phone cover! Read below about the most beautiful ideas for Back to School Designs.

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  • Design Ideas for Men

    Here at GoCustomized you can customise your cover as you like, letting your imagination run wild. Yet so many ask us for advice on how to customise their case in a unique and original way. In this article we will discuss the best designs for men depending on your personality.

    Are you ready? Let's start!

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  • Season Three of Rick and Morty is here!

    Yes, it is the moment we have all been waiting for. New episodes for season 3 of our favourite show are being released and they are airing every week, and this time they are coming out on Netflix as well. In this article, we will talk about some of the reasons this show is so fun to watch.

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  • GoCustomized Social Media Channels

    Hello there! Have you checked out our website and thought it was pretty cool. Did you also think "wow I would love to create my own fun and personalised case but I have no inspiration." As usual we have come to save the day .... continue reading to find out how!

    Image result for social media Image: HASTAC

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  • Job Search: Tips and Advice

    You have finished your studies and are on the job market for the first time? Are you not satisfied with your current job and want to try something new? Everything is possible, but job hunting is always a complicated step. Between career sites, CV tips and research tips, find out how to find your new job!

    Image result for GIF job hunting

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  • Where is my mobile?

    Key? Check. Purse? In the bag. Mobile?Wait a second ... where is my cell phone?
    Everyone knows this situation, this mini-heart attack, when you believe your phone is lost. Whether at home, lost or stolen, or in the worst case scenario, we help you to find your favourite companion today.

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  • What is the perfect picture for your Tinder profile?

    Let's say it how it is: Online dating is superficial. Within a few seconds, we decide if we want to meet another person or not. It ultimately comes down to the first two seconds which makes the first profile the most important - swipe right or left.

    And for that reason it is so important that you choose the perfect photo to increase your dating opportunities.

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  • What Kind of Case are You?

    Are you basically anti-organization? Does your phone often "mysteriously" fall? Have you recently bought a new cell phone and need something totally awesome to protect it? Or are you just looking for something discreet for your new communication life line? From GoCustomized we would like to help you figure out what the best type of case is for your phone. We know that sometimes it can be a tedious and hard task to know the pros and cons of each case and that it may be easier to do without them. But today we present the case according to your personality. you'll be surprised!

    Image: Gratisography

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  • iPhone 8 Rumours!

    Are you an iPhone mega fan? Or you just love the number 8 after things? Well, soon you will both get what you want. The new iPhone 8, to be released in fall 2017. Some people hate waiting, so we will be discussing the biggest rumours about the soon to be released iPhone 8.

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