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  • How To: backup your phone before installing iOS 11

    The new Apple iOS 11 software is out. Before you start updating, it is important to save all of your phone's data with a backup. In this blog we tell you different ways to do that.


    Each user gets 5GB free to use for the iCloud. iCloud is a handy and simple way to backup your iPhone. Turn on your Wi-Fi and let's get start! Go to your phone's settings and select iCloud. Set all relevant options that you find important to save on your iCloud.

    Now all of the selected data is safe if the iOS 11 update goes wrong. Then go to Storage & Backup. Press the "Backup" button. You may need to fill in your password. Eventually a popup will appear with how long the backup will take or you will not have enough memory to complete the backup. If the latter happens, go to "Manage storage", select your phone and under the backup option, you can deselect your items (For example, photos, because you already saved them on your computer).

    If you want iCloud to automatically make backups, go to settings on your iPhone and click iCloud. Go to Backup Copy and turn on the iCloud Backup Switch. Every day, a backup of the selected items would be made. This will only happen if you are connected to Wi-Fi and the charger.

    In your iCloud backup, you'll find app data, camera pictures, purchased iTunes items, all contacts and messages, network, email accounts, safari data, and all preferences.

    To backup iTunes

    Another option to save your data is through iTunes. All data will then be stored on your computer. If you have never linked your phone with iTunes, you must first connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. Once this happens, select your phone and go to the backup option and click 'Make backup'. If you have never made a backup via iTunes, this may take some time.

    For iTunes, you can also automatically backup. This is quite easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. Here you will find the option "Create automatic backups." Select "This Computer" and make a full backup of your iPhone.

    Image result for creating backup on itunes

    What option do you find the most useful to use for a backup? Let us know by responding to this blog.

  • Best Apps for Students!

    College can be really stressful. There is nothing wrong with using all available tools to help you do the best you can during your time at university. We are going to talk about what apps you can download that will enhance your college experience to the max! So read on if you want to learn from the experts!

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  • The New Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Today, we introduce to you to the latest jewel of the South Korean technology giant Samsung - the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. A new smartphone, targeting the business clientele and those who want more. Samsung is back. The Note 8 has remedied the "unpleasant" experiences with the explosive batteries of the Note 7. You want to know more about the new smartphone? Then stay tuned.

    Source: Concept Creator

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  • B2B with GoCustomized

    GoCustomized not only offers phone case to the consumer but also to businesses - big or small. Why not up your office game with personalised phone cases and gadgets? Read on to find out more what can do for your business!

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  • Collaboration: The Blogger Promgramme (TBP)

    Here at GoCustomized we are constantly doing collaborations with bloggers and Instagrammers. However, this is the not the only type of collaboration that we limit ourselves to. Recently we have had the privileged to sponsor a part of The Blogger Programme's (TBP) annual Blogger Hangout event. Read on to learn more!

    LFWBalloon Source: TBP

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  • Xiaomi Smartphones from China

    Source: allaboutphones

    Huawei is now the most common word. With its smartphones, the Chinese company has already left many companies behind. But in 2014, another smartphone manufacturer from China has made it into the news: Xiaomi. At first sight the company is hardly different from its competitor Huawei: with good technology, a great design and a comparatively low price the Huawei has no chance compared to the Xiaomi smartphones. Today, we will introduce to you the latest Xiaomi Mi A1 model and give you a glimpse into the strategy of the leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

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  • Apple unveils new iPhone 8 and iPhone X

    Apple has done it again. It has launched the new technology titan into the market. The unveiling of the new iPhone 8 followed by the iPhone X have not left anyone indifferent. Apple comes loaded with news and surprises. Everyone expected the continuation of the iPhone 7 with its successor brother, the iPhone 7s, but, again, Apple has done its own revealing a later model: the iPhone 8, coupled with the great surprise, the iPhone X. These new devices have been speculated an infinite number rumors and leaks throughout these months and today, from GoCustomized we tell you the newest features of Apple's new products.

    Source: Pocket-lint

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  • New! Sony Home Speaker

    Today we discuss the new Sony smart home speaker, which is basically the best combination of Google and Sony. This new smart speaker is said to be one of the more impressive tech that Google has in its lineup and exhibits many pros. To learn about this hot new product just read on!

    Source: Wired

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  • Handy Notebook Uses

    Yes, the "Notes" application on your mobile seems to be too small for all the notes and plans you want to make. I guess its time to dig out that notebook that was last used when you were taking notes as a student. Here at GoCustomized we believe that it is time resurrect and reinvent the notebook and its use as a faithful companion for day to day life. Do you want to make the best of your notebook and turn it into your best ally? Today we give you some ideas for you to do it.

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  • How to Collaborate with GoCustomized

    Here at GoCustomized we do not only offer fantastic quality products but also the customer can customise them. Making the product they receive even more unique and original. One of our goals is to find other people, websites, or companies with whom we can create partnerships for a collaboration that is beneficial to both. Do you want to know more about how to  collaborate with us? Then keep reading!

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