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    Yesterday it was time! The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 PLUS were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The two mobile phones are among the top models of the South Korean market leader. Read on to find out which new features the models offer and whether it's worth buying!

    Source: samsung.com


    The Samsung Galaxy S9 features a 5.8-inch, nearly rimless, OLED display, with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,960 pixels. Even the big brother, the Galaxy S9 PLUS, has an OLED display, but this one has a display size of 6.2 inches.
    Samsung's own Exynos 9810 processor, which has eight cores (4 x 2.7 GHz, 4 x 1.7 GHz) and is said to be much faster and better than the predecessor of the S8, is responsible for the top two models. The memory of the Samsung Galaxy S9 remains unchanged at 4 gigabytes. Only the memory of the S9 PLUS has grown to 6 gigabytes. The battery capacity remains unchanged. The Galaxy S9 is still available 3000 mAh, the Galaxy S9 PLUS 3.500 mAh.
    A clear difference to its predecessor is visible when looking at the back of the new models. The fingerprint sensor is, after a few complaints in the predecessor, slipped a significant amount down and now sits centrally under the camera.

    Samsung Galaxy S9Source: allaboutphones.nl


    The second big divider between the two S9 models is next to the display, the camera. While customers of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have to be satisfied with a 12 megapixel single camera, the Galaxy S9 PLUS customers can enjoy a dual camera with 2 x 12 megapixels. The second camera of the S9 PLUS OIS (optical image stabilizer) has a comparatively long focal length.


    The price of the basic version of the S9 is just under £739, that of the S9 PLUS at just under £869. Pre-order the new top smartphones from 25 February. From 16 March, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9 PLUS to come in the trade.


    In addition to the actual smartphone, proper protection also plays a very important role. Of course, if you spend so much money on a new phone, you want it to look as good as new for as long as possible. An ordinary cell phone case would be too boring and too impersonal. To properly protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 PLUS, you can now customize your Galaxy S9 phone case with GoCustomized. Here you can, for example, with your favorite photo or a quote make the phone case itself.

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    What do you think of the new Samsung models? Let us know in the comments!


    Every day hundreds of products go through our production. Are you wondering how these products are made by the production read on to know more!

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    At the beginning of the year 2018, there is fierce competition between the two main streaming music platforms. Indeed, Apple Music is gaining more and more subscribers. The platerform announced that it had 36 million subscribers worldwide by the beginning of the year. Spotify nevertheless remains the first music streaming service in the world with its 70 million subscribers, announced at the beginning of the year as well.

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  • The best phone deals of the month

    An everyday life without a smartphone, it is hardly thinkable. They are our daily companions and support us in everyday life, for example by navigating to the nearest restaurant or just listening to music.
    Unfortunately, smartphones are becoming more expensive and not everyone has the desire and the money for the latest top smartphone. Read on to find the best mobile deals of the month!

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor iphone 8Source: apple.com

    Like every year, Mother's Day is approaching, and it's time to think about what to give to the most important woman in our life. If you need inspiration, keep reading our article on the best gifts to do at Mother's Day ...

    Mother With Adult Daughter In Park Together

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    Everyone has probably played Mario Kart. It is challenging and people can become very fanatical. Nintendo now comes with a very big surprise. Nintendo announced in early February that they are coming with Mario Kart for your phone! Do you want to know more about this? Read on!

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    Creativity and good humor will be at the there, as every year, for the carnival. On this date, everyone falls back into childhood and takes on the game of costumes, eccentric makeups and festivities. To be in the mood during the parade and let his imagination express itself, you need to find a costume idea. Read on to discover our best costume ideas for carnival and all our tips for finding the perfect props.

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    On the 8th of February the time has come. The Fashion Week begins in New York.
    What can you expect? What will be the latest trends?
    Read on to learn the most important.

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    Valentine's Day is approaching, and like every year the time comes for lovers to start thinking about the gift to do to their own half. Of all the holidays, this is undoubtedly the most stressful one: you have to think about something that is really personal (the monochromatic sweater you gave at Christmas is not a good idea in this case), but at the same time you do not want to spend too much. And you, have you already decided what to give? Take a look at what we thought, you could find inspiration!

    The best gifts for him

    It is not difficult to give gifts to men: is it an eternal big baby? Give the latest game for PlayStation, it will go crazy! Is it stressed by work? Definitely will appreciate a weekend for 2 at the SPA. If he is one of those who turns on the music at the ball when he has breakfast, and turns it off only before going to bed, he will surely appreciate a bluetooth speaker. Perhaps you will appreciate it less, but in any case you can find a decidedly original HERE. If instead you are running out of money, you could prepare a romantic dinner by candlelight!

    The best gifts for her

    For women it's another story. As much as you can try, you'll never even get close to understanding them. They tell you they have nothing, but they look really angry. They tell you they do not want anything, but they really want everything. Or rather, they do not even know what they want. Do not panic, we decided to draw up a small list of gifts with which you can not go wrong.

    First of all, JEWELRY. Jewels are women's best friends and there's no better way to make them happy. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings ... You are simply spoiled for choice. If you can not afford even a hole for the earring, no problem. You can make a gift at no cost that never goes out of fashion: a love letter (preferably accompanied by a bouquet of flowers). If she is a girl who is part of the selfie army, you should give her a beautiful colored polaroid, which will surely always carry with her. If you have not found any inspiration, then simply go to your favorite center store and buy a gift card and give it a shopping spree!

    The perfect gift

    All the gift ideas we have proposed are fantastic, but there's more. Imagine a gift that suits everyone, men or women. An absolutely personal gift. That everyone certainly would use (not like that sweater that ended up in a closet ...), and above all everyone can afford! It seems impossible? But no: it's a personalized GoCustomized phone case! Think about it: all of us today have a smartphone, and we all want to protect it to the fullest. In addition, you have the possibility to create it yourself by inserting photos, images, drawings, writings and quotes! If you want to know more, take a look at our website!

    Let us know what you gave your other half in the comments!


    One of the biggest sporting events in the world was last night: THE SUPER BOWL between two teams, namely New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Since the contest attracts a lot of viewers, it is also being unpacked with the commercials. We at GoCustomized have put the top 10 commercials together and what are many famous people in it!

    Image result for super bowl commercials 2018Bron: Elle.com

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