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  • Floral phone case designs for summer

    Floral phone case at a canal in Amsterdam

    One of the great things about our office being located in the heart of Amsterdam - besides the beautiful canals and wonderful parks - is that we are very close to Keukenhof. The Netherlands is known internationally as the tulip capital of the world and Keukenhof as Europe’s flower garden. We took a little trip to the park with our cameras and took a lot of photos that turned into amazing floral phone case designs. We made them free for you to use to make your own phone case for the summer. Check them out now!

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  • New in: Our personalised T-Shirts

    You probably know us for our custom phone cases and custom tablet cases, but we are going to change that! Soon, we will launch our new products: personalised T-shirts. This means that you will be able to design your own shirt that matches your custom phone case. Do you want to know more about our new product? Read on!

    GoCustomized, GoCustomized products, custom phone cases, custom tablet cases, custom t-shirts, make your own shirt

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  • OnePlus 6 release and rumors

    Soon, the Chinese brand OnePlus will reveal its latest smartphone model: the One Plus 6. The previous models have been quite successful, so consumers have high expectations for this new one. The predecessor of OnePlus 6, the One Plus 5T is out of stock and the brand won't restock it, so we already look forward to their new cell phone! Do you want to know more about the new OnePlus 6? We have gathered all the information for you that has been revealed so far, ranging from rumors to confirmed features - we will tell you everything! Continue reading to learn more about the OnePlus 6 release and rumors.

    oneplus 6 release Source:

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  • How to edit phone photos using the best photo editor apps

    The convenience and power of smartphones now extend to photo editing, an area that was once confined to expensive computers. Not any longer! You now have access to some of the best photo editor apps at the tips of your fingers to turn mediocre photos into masterpieces, right on your phone. Continue reading to learn how to use them.

    Photo Editor Apps - Before and After photo The 'Before' image from the phone and the 'After' image showing what 30 seconds of using a photo editor app can do.

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  • What to do with your travel pictures

    Today we are thinking of all those who travel often and find themselves with a cell phone packed with beautiful photos of various destinations. Uploading all of your travel photography to a cloud storage service or an external disk is a good idea to make sure they stay safe for a long time. However, the consequence will probably be that they are left there for years and you will completely forget about them. Therefore, we want to give you some suggestions in this article on what to do with your travel pictures so that they can always remind you of those great times you had. Read on to find out more!

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  • The best lifestyle apps

    Most of us already use their mobile for a lot of basic everyday activities such as reading our emails or navigating. However, there is so much more your smartphone could help you with. No matter if you are trying to increase your productivity, find a restaurant for dinner, live healthier, organize your online shopping, plan your next vacation, and keep track of your finances - we've found the best lifestyle apps for you. Read on if you want to reach your phone's and your own full potential!

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