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  • Lost Phone - What can I do?

    It happens quicker than you think and more likely than not has happened already happened to you as well. You lost your phone.. Be it from being distracted or even worse: it was stolen. Almost everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling in your tummy that arises once you have lost your phone. This article will present you measures you can take when this mishap occurs to you.

    Lost phone

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  • iPhone vs Samsung: Who wins?

    iPhone vs Samsung: Who will win?

    Soon Samsung's newest phone, the S10, will be released. To celebrate this release accordingly, we have prepared a small surprise for you. To find out about it, read on as we approach the infamous "iPhone vs Samsung" debate.

    Apple and Samsung are by far the biggest producers of smartphones. As direct competitors, both these companies are fighting for dominance of the smartphone market. For many years, Apple  has been leading in the creativity and quality categories, while Samsung has been selling more products. What’s your choice? This article tackles the “iPhone vs Samsung” debate and closely inspects their newest respective smartphones. Afterwards you will know with certainty which brand is better suited to you and for which model you should personalise your phone case.

    iPhone vs Samsung

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