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5 tricks for iPhone that you do not know and that will change your life!

Apple's iOS operating system is packed with little tricks that make the device easier and fun to use. We discovered some really cool ones ... curious and want to know? Keep reading....

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How to recover something that has been deleted by mistake

Have you spent 10 minutes writing a note or an important message and mistakenly deleted it? Shake your phone to bring it back to you: try it to believe it!

Hands free photos and selfies

Okay, this is really a top trick, and it will impress all your friends! You can take a picture by using the "volume up" button on the earphones. Did you know that? Try it now!

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How to hide unwanted photos

Your relatives are asking you to show photos of your vacation but there are some photos that .. let's say .. you would prefer to just not show your mother or grandmother. Apple has thought of everything. You do not have to delete them, just hold down the photo and select "hide".

Ps. The photo will still be visible in the photo reel.

Clear the calculator with just a swipe

Did you know? When you are using the iOS Calculator you can clear the last digits by sliding your finger over the numbers. Fantastic no? So you do not have to reset everything and start from the beginning (as I always do;)).

How to change the direction of the panorama

A simple trick, but at certain times it can be valuable to get a perfect picture. Click the arrow to change the panorama capture direction. Admit it, you did not know this trick!


In this article we have suggested some small tricks that allow us to use our beloved iPhone in a simpler and fun way. Did you know them already? But above all, do you know other tricks of this kind? Share us with GoCustomized! =)

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