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What accessory do you need for your most important device?

An accessory for an iPhone will make your life so much easier. Here are 5 accessories that can not miss for your iPhone that will definitely increase your phone’s utility!


Phone cases

Giving your phone the protection that it deserves is undoubtedly one of the most important things to do. So it’s obvious that the number one accessory on our list is undoubtedly a protective phone case. You can easily choose from many standard phone cases that simply offer the most basic form of protection, however there are many different types of cases that provide extra utility. Whether you’re looking for phone cases that protect your phone from water damage or that can act as a teddy bear, you can find them!

At GoCustomized, you can find protective yet decorative personalised phone cases that will fulfill your everyday smartphone needs. If you want to ensure that your phone maintains its fresh-out-the-box quality, yet looks amazing, a custom phone case is the best accessory that you can purchase!

Choose your very own photo from your PC, Facebook or Instagram and add any text you would like using our built in design module. Design your own phone case and unleash your imagination and creativity like you’ve never done before!

accessory phone case

Screen protectors

Phone cases may protect your phone, however many models don’t protect your screen! You spend hours staring at your screen and what would be worse than seeing a huge scratch all day long? Because of this, we’d have to say that the second most essential accessory for your smartphone is a screen protector!

accessory screen protector

On Apple’s official website, you can find many different types of screen protectors, but today we’ll be highlighting the anti-glare screen protector called the Tech21 Impact Shield. For £24.95, you can ensure that your screen is protected against any scratches and fingerprint smudges. The protector’s three-layer structure will help absorb any impact directly on your screen. In addition, it is finished off with an anti-glare material so you can see clearly see your screen, regardless of how the lighting situation is!


Solar Battery Chargers

Tired of your battery dying when you're away from home? Well thanks to our third accessory, you should no longer run into this problem. A solar charger for your iPhone will definitely make life easier. You don’t have to remember to bring your charger anywhere and you will have a cover that fits your iPhone perfectly. Your phone is charged using solar power, so during the day, your battery should always be full! Furthermore, you will further promote the trend of being environmentally friendly, so you will slowly help the world become a better place!

accessory charger


Car Mounts

Going on a trip? Need a GPS to show you the way? If you’re in the car, you shouldn’t be steering with one hand and holding onto your phone in the other. With an iPhone stand, you can focus on your driving while being guided by Google Maps each step of the way. Stay safe on the road while having a good time doing it!

accessory stand

The Montar Universal Car Mount by Winnergear is the perfect solution for your road trip! This accessory grips on tightly to your smartphone and is stable while driving, so you shouldn’t worry about any bumps. Additionally, you can place it anywhere you’d like, whether it be flat on the dashboard or hanging from your windshield!



So, we’ve reached the last must-have accessory for the iPhone. What’s better than a set of speakers so you can share your music with friends or family while at the park on a late summer afternoon? Our recommended product is definitely the retro-styled DAB+.

With this product, you’re not only getting high quality sound, but also nostalgic value out of your radio. Aesthetically, it looks like a classic old-timers radio from the 1990s, but it lasts up 15 hours and has a unique dock specifically made for Apple’s Lightning port!

accessory radio

So, these have been our 5 essential must-have iPhone accessories. What do you think? What iPhone accessories do you have and which ones did we miss? Give us some suggestions in the comments section below!

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