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If you're lucky enough never to have dropped your phone, then be thankful. Unfortunately, I have managed to drop my phone quite a few times and thankfully I have always had a case (except the one time I didn't and my screen smashed :(). Today we are going to look at various drop tests from YouTuber, GizmoSlip. We will see what happens to your phone when it's dropped  in different materials and what you can do about it! Enjoy...


1. Liquid Glass Putty

For something a little different, you could try out this insane stretchy and see through liquid glass putty. It is really quite something spectacular to watch them setup the case, but I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it drop 100 feet!


2. Rubber Bands

If you're ever bored at the office and have a lot of spare stationary supplies, why not try making your own case from rubber bands?  What do you reckon? Will it survive the fall?


3. Watermelon

Do you have any left over watermelons lying around? If so, maybe you want to try protecting your phone with one of these juicy bad boys. Or maybe not, you be the judge...


4. Pumpkin

It's that time of the year when people start carving pumpkins to scare the local kids. But what about those poor left over pumpkins who never get the chance to fulfill their Halloween duty? Don't let them waste away, maybe they could help protect your phone as well? Let's have a look...


5. GoCustomized

As awesome as all of these previous "cases" have been, maybe you're looking for something a little more, well, conventional. Don't worry, GoCustomized has you covered. We offer a wide range of cases, including soft cases, hard cases, wallet cases, wooden cases and even leather sleeves. They're all available to be customised and you are the genius behind the creation. Give it a go!

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