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Apple Watch 2 rumours are beginning to surface

The rumour mill is always turning the world of Apple, even long before a product will be released. This time around, news about the new Apple Watch 2 has fans all around the world speculating on what’s new and how it will change the smartwatch market!

The last thing we heard was that the new Apple Watch would be released in March, but we saw no release in that month. We expect a release date sometime between June and September, so it’s hard to pinpoint an exact date. Given this time frame, it means that the new generation Apple Watch will be released almost exactly 2 years after the launch of its predecessor.



We expect the watch’s design to remain more or less the same. The square screen should remain on the device for a few generations. It’s highly unlikely that Apple would change to a rounded shape. The recently introduced watch bands will change the look of your device and allows you to personalise your device however you’d like.

apple watch preview



Apple has reportedly been working with LG and Samsung to produce higher quality OLED displays that will be thinner and more resistant, but it will not have any dramatic effect on the device’s overall design.



This is arguably one of the biggest changes to the device. Apple is looking to reduce the size of all other components in order to fit a larger and longer lasting battery into the watch. The average battery life of the current generation Apple Watch is approximately 2.5 days.


Health sensors

One of the most innovative rumours about the Apple Watch 2 is the phone’s new health sensors. With a longer lasting battery, users will be able to wear the device at night and they can analyze many statistics about their sleeping habits.

apple watch preview


Integrated GPS & camera

The new Apple Watch will most likely allow for FaceTime conversations with the help of an integrated front facing camera. In addition, there will be an integrated GPS to allow for the use of certain map apps, in an emergency.



In order to increase the Watch’s capabilities, Apple is most likely trying to develop a new version of WatchOS. This will allow for new functions and the creation of more interactive and useful apps.



Based on rumours, Apple will charge different amounts for different models. Apple may be looking for customers who are willing to dish out £1,000 and £8,000, which many people would do.


So what do you think about the Apple Watch or in general about smartwatches. Would you or do you use one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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