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Shouldn't a phone case be inconspicuous and functional? Are you kidding me? Are serious when you say that?! Today we're looking at some unusual case ideas for our Bacon Mania post. Just take a read and be inspired.

1. Don't Go Bacon My Heart

BACON MANIA Image from

This case reminds me of an old children's chocolate advert, where the chocolate can't be made without the milk. In other words, they belong together! So, in my eyes, it's the same with bacon and eggs. They are perfect together. So, according to the motto, "Don't go bacon my heart <3".

2. Wake & Bacon

BACON MANIA Image from

 "Wake & Bacon"! The phone case is very original. The letters are mainly bacon, with the exception of the fried egg, O. We find it highly effective and creative.

3. Happy Breakfast Family

BACON MANIA Image from

 The Happy Breakfast Family... We see it as super delicious and amazing at the same time. For some, the perfect breakfast to indulge on every now and then. So, why not take the plunge and get stuck in to a fry up.

4. Forever Bacon

BACON MANIA Image from

Wow, now that's a statement! Bacon on an eternal loop, it blew our minds. What can we say? Bacon 4 ever! Now, that's a confession of love.

5. Radical Bacon


From this variation, we can tell you, the only thing that is guaranteed is a mess! Literally! This phone case is definitely unique and eccentric, but that's it for now!

If you want to show your love for bacon, why not make your own case over at GoCustomized. Try making your own case and posting the results in the comments below!We have a lot of different options for various smartphones and you can carry your love for bacon around with you all day.

Let us know what you think (or express your love for bacon) in the comments!

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