Have you got an iPad and you're not sure what game or application to download? No problem! Here at GoCustomized, we are true fans if apps and always try to show you the best things to download for your device. Today we present a list of some of the best applications for your iPad, Enjoy!

1. Lara Croft Go

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The protagonist of each the adventure game Tomb Raider (Lara Croft) returns in this mini application, keeping its usual style, so be prepared to jump into the void, avoid traps and defeat more and more dangerous enemies. A very special game for all ages. If you're looking for something easy and intuitive, this is the right application.

2. Year Walk

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A wonderful adventure with plenty of dark tones, full of references to Norse mythology and folklore. Basically, Year Walk is an adventure in which you have to go through phases, exploring and solving puzzles. Along your journey, you may come across a few frights, but do not worry, they only last for a few seconds. It was released originally for computers, but given its enormous success they have released a version for the mobile market. Do not miss it!

3. Pixelmator

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For those who can not help but change their profile picture, this is the perfect application. It is a digital painting program that has all the main functions to edit your images, like never before. Among the options are: brushes, color correction, editable and transparent layers ... It supports Photoshop images and 100 formats.

4. Foldify

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With your iPad, you can give life to objects, and we are not talking about normal digital content but figures in 3D. Thanks to this application, you will have the opportunity to design models, print and fold them to become a ''real'' figure. Thus, your creation come to life! You do not necessarily have to be a genius at drawing, just follow all the instructions and you'll be making 3D printouts in no time.

5. Netflix

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Coming home and watching Netflix on your iPad can be the most chill evening. But why limit yourself to only use it at home? Netflix runs anywhere! Have your iPad with you and you cab watch your favorite series, simply by having an internet connection. From the "Children" profile, even the kids can watch their favourite cartoons. But please, if you'll take your iPad out, protect it. Why not try one of our personalised phone cases?

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