Have you just bought a Mac? Or are you looking for the best apps for your precious laptop? Today we will give you an overview of some of the the best apps for Mac!

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1. Duet Display

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With this great app you can connect your iPhone or iPad via a USB cable, Air Display, or Wi-Fi to your laptop and use them as an additional display! In addition, you also have some sort of touch screen on your laptop!


2. Translate Tab

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This little app for Mac costs £3.99. If you have bought it, then it is added to the menu bar and gives you instant access to Google Translate. Do you work in a lot of different languages or spend a lot of time translating things? Then this app is definitely for you! It saves a lot of time. You can also set Google Translate as a bookmark on your Mac if you want to save some money instead.


3. Byword

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If you are a blogger or a write a lot, then Byword is right for you. This text editor makes sure you are not distracted, and you can work with complete concentration. You can download this app on all Apple devices, so you if you are on the road you can continue working.


4. Delivered

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Do you do a lot of online shopping? With this application you'll definitely have more fun with it. You can add the tracking number of the packages in it, so that you can see exactly where your orders are. You can also set it to push notifications, so that you will be updated as the location of the package changes.

At GoCustomized we have recently added the ability to track your package! You can immediately test the app when ordering your case(s).

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