Are you a proud nerd? Or perhaps you’re looking for a hilarious gift for one of your buddies? In this article, we’ll be writing about the best nerd accessories out there!



Star Wars chopsticks

nerd chopsticks


May the force (of eating sushi) be with you! With these Star Wars chopsticks, you can eat sushi in style, like Obi-Wan would. Tip: No real lasers are used, so you won’t absolutely destroy your sushi.


Nerdy phone case

nerd phone case


Programming jokes. Everyone knows them, but hardly anyone understands them. However, the chosen few who do crack a laugh or two at them feel smart. If you want to compliment your nerdy friend’s intellect, then go ahead and place a programming joke on a personalised phone case! There’s sometimes nothing better.


The perverted USB-Stick


The Humping Dog is a particularly wild USB-Stick. Just make sure that your PC is officially single, before both of them consummate!

T-Shirts are the perfect nerd accessory

nerd tshirt


With a funny nerd t-shirt, you can show just how smart you are everyday. Who knows, maybe a cute gaming girl will have a chuckle over it. And just like that, you find your perfect princess!


Ferrari sound for your small car


Would you like to impress your friends with a Ferrari, but you only have a small, compact Volkswagen? No problem, you can at least surprise them with the classic Ferrari sound. You’ll have a somewhat full Ferrari experience with the device “Sound Racer”! Sound Racer recognizes your car’s speed and adds a realistic sport car noise to it. From now on, you’ll feel like a true race car driver, regardless of the car you’re cruising in.

Brain ice cubes

nerd ice cube


Normal ice cubes are boring. They’re just square and have no personality. But on the internet, you can find almost anything possible. How about a frozen brain to cool you down on a hot day? For nerds, there’s sometimes nothing better than ice cold intelligence.


Office drones

nerd drone


Every modern start-up needs an office drone for exciting lunch breaks. Of course, we at GoCustomized lead the way and often have air battles in our office!


So, what is your favourite nerd accessory? Let us know in the comments below!

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