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Are you looking for the next best Netflix series to binge watch? Having a hard time choosing because there are SO MANY out there to choose from? Our time is valuable and when it comes to Netflix series, we don't like to waste that valuable time watching something that isn't the best. Watching the best Netflix series also ensures that you're up to date on the latest trends and can jump into the office conversation or group chat when everyone is obsessing on the latest show. Continue reading and we will give you a list of Netflix's bests and must sees. Thank us now, because you might not be thanking us later when you have spent days trying to watch all of these series.
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In no particular order, here are our 10 best Netflix series to turn on:

1.  Ozark

This intense crime series is not one I would suggest watching before bed.  When a financial adviser gets involved with a Mexican cartel he is responsible for laundering $500 million in just 5 years.  He drags his family from Chicago to Missouri and struggles to balance this unstable life knowing one wrong move and he and his family are dead.   The series might have not reached the same level as other crime series yet, but it's amazing complex plot and captivating performance from Jason Bateman proposes even greater potential, making it into our best Netflix series list.  Start watching now so you are caught up when season 3 comes out!  If you are already a fan of the show, show your support by designing your own "Blue Cat Lodge" shirt.

Best Netflix Series - Ozarks

2. Orange is the New Black

When a priviledged New Yorker ends up in a women's prison for a crime that catch's up with her from 10 years ago, you will find yourself investing into Piper's life as she adapts to life behind the bars.  The emmy-winning series will entertain you as it introduces the most eccentric, unusual, and unexpected characters.  Is this really what life behind the bars is like? We are not sure, but it's more fun to think so.  We are most sad to hear this incredible series will be coming to an end soon in 2019 after season 7.

10 Best Netflix Series - Orange is the new black

3.  New Girl

Looking for an easy show, where you can throw on at any time and not have to follow the story line to a T?  Then New girl is for you.  It's easy and funny, definitely a show to appreciate.  In this American sitcom, you will be entertained as Jessica Days moves in with three single guys, whom are ready to help show her the ways of the world.  Critics have named  this one as one of the best comedies of its time, one of the reasons it made it into our best Netflix series.

best netflix series - new girl

4.  Narcos

Netflix tells the story of the rise of the cocaine trade in Columbia and the captivating realistic stories of the drug lords in the late 80's.  In this original series it also depicts the actions taken by law enforcement as they try and fight the drug wars against some of the most dangerous and powerful drug lords like Pablo Escobar.  You will see how military, police, civilians, legal, and political people find themselves involved as efforts are made to control one of the world's largest commodities, cocaine.

5. Black Mirror

Looking for stand-alone dramas where you can choose any show and don't have to follow the story line?  This series taps into the unease of the modern world with sharp and suspenseful tales.  It explores a twisted world where humanity's greatest high-tech innovations meets humanity's darkest secrets.  Besides being one of the best Netflix series, Black mirror has also just unleashed a Black Mirror interactive movie, where you decide the fate of the character's lives. Check out the preview here.

best netflix series - black mirror

6. The Haunting of Hill House

Before you press play and watch "The Haunting of the Hill House", I advise you to have your lights on and watching with a friend.  The supernatural horror tv series follows a family of four that were raised in a haunted house.  As they grow older, it revisits their pasts with flashbacks of their horrifying memories and the terrifying events that drove them from the house.  Familiar with the cup of stars? Now you too can have your own! Design your custom mug here.

netflix best series - haunting of hill house

7.  Friends

Friends is a classic American sitcom you can not go wrong with.  You will experience the everyday adventures of 6 young adults living in the same apartment together in New York City.  Watch them navigate their ways through work, life, and love while also sticking their noses in each other's lives.  Many have fallen in love with this show and you won't be disappointed when you can relate to all of the inside jokes related to the series.  Then you can design your own Friends custom t-shirt because well, Friends is life.

Best netflix series - friends

8.  13 Reasons Why

In this tragic series, Hannah, a young teenage girl takes her own life.  Two weeks later, a mysterious box shows up on her classmates porch filled with 13 recordings made by Hannah.  In these tapes Hannah explains the 13 reasons why she decided to end her life, and instructs her classmate to pass the tapes on to the next when he is done listening. Find out why Hannah decided to end her life as she reveals the hidden secrets of her classmates.  The cool thing about this series is when you look at the big picture, the tapes bring up real issues that happen today that we should be aware of.  Our actions have consequences so let's do something about it.  Design your own custom pillow case for yourself or maybe a teacher, to help spread awareness of this issue.

best netflix series - 13 reasons why

9.  Stranger Things

When a young boy vanishes in Hawkins, Indiana, the small town starts to uncover mysterious secret experiments, alarming supernatural forces and one strange little girl. Be ready for this grandiose and engaging show to keep you on the couch for hours as you continue through the series.  Stranger things is one of the best Netflix series scoring a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

best netflix series - stranger things

10.  House of Cards

6 seasons of ruthless politicians that stop at nothing to conquer Washington and ascend through the ranks of politics.  This Emmy and Gold-Globe winning political drama will give you a behind the scenes idea of the corruption in American politics today. Know someone obsessed with this show? Surprise them with a classic custom phone case that they will for sure appreciate!

best netflix series - house of cards

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