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Nowadays, everyone loves taking photos, whether it’s with a smartphone or a professional digital camera. As a result, it’s important to know some ground rules about taking photographs.

Using the techniques explained below, you will be able to take that perfect photo that you can use for your personalised phone case.

 photos phone case  


So, when taking a photo, please consider:


The rule of thirds

photos rule of thirds


Generally, when we see something, our eyes focus on a specific object. The rule of thirds is very simple: imagine a grid when you want to take a picture, or more conveniently use a grid tool on your camera. This grid will divide your photo into 9 equal parts. Take the main element of your photo and place it inside one of the boxes or along one of the lines made from the grid. It will make sure that your photo comes out symmetrical. If you would like to change the focus of the photo, lightly tap on the focus object and it will be highlighted and brighter.



A standard photo taken at eye level makes it monotonous and makes it less creative. The angle at which you take a picture makes a huge difference! If you apply the rule of thirds at a specific angle, you will automatically see the difference in quality.


If you use a smartphone or digital cameras to take your photos, it is important to consider your target and think of the most important tools to use. On your smartphone, you simply have to activate flash when it is dark outside. You also have the option to add filters to your images to enhance its visual effect. We recommend using Instagram to do so! Regarding digital SLR cameras, it’s slightly different. You have the choice of entering manual mode or auto mode. In manual mode, you will have to adjust the camera’s settings on your own, but in auto mode, the camera will set its own photos and find the best settings possible. With the programmed mode, some features have already been predetermined, but don’t worry, you can see edit your photo using a photo editing software afterwards.


This determines the sensitivity of the camera to light. A lower ISO is generally preferred whereas a higher exposure will result in a higher pixel count.


This determines the width and length of the lens. The higher the aperture, the sharper your background will be. On the other hand, a lower aperture setting will result in a less focused background.


Sharing your photos

photos facebook instagram


There’s almost nothing more satisfying then sharing an amazing photo with the public. You will gain a lot of feedback, including constructive criticism that will help you improve your photography skills. There are hundreds of websites on which you can easily post your images and some have built in tools that you can take advantage of to improve your shots. Picasa offers online storage and has a built in editor. Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo, is an image and video hosting site that allows you to share you images to the world. Photos from Flickr are often featured in online blogs due to its convenience and high quality processing. Photobucket offers the same service as Flickr, also for photos and videos. Arguably the most popular website at this time is Instagram, which allows you to share photos and videos on an online social network, with a wide variety of tools at your disposal. Using hashtags on Instagram can help improve the popularity of your photos. For example, if you add a #sunset hashtag on an amazing shot of a sunset, anyone who has typed in that hashtag can directly view your image. And last but not least, the most dominant photo sharing platform is Facebook. It is a great way to share your photos and experiences with your closest friends!


Do you love to take photos and share them? Let us know where you post them most often in the comments below!

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