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Junk Food Day is celebrated on July 21. You probably didn’t know one existed, but after reading the title, you’re probably more excited than ever. While we don’t recommend doing this everyday, you can certainly take one day out of your fit schedule and dig in!

Junk Food Day

Where does it come from?

As expected, Junk Food Day originated in the United States. It’s a purely commercial holiday, meaning that it’s used to help fuel the junk food industry. Fast food chains often take advantage by offering irresistible deals, like “Buy 1 burger, get 1 free.” You can only imagine how many people take advantage of that offer!


More about Junk Food Day

This celebratory day isn’t only limited to burgers and typical junk food, but also includes donuts, candy, ice cream and all the delicious goodness that you often try to avoid in summertime!


Do you often wake up craving burgers? Don’t be ashamed, we normally all do. Wear it proudly like a badge and create a personalised phone case with a picture of your favourite burger or ice cream on it!


Enjoy this warm, sunny day and enjoy making burgers, fries, onion rings and everything you’ve been dreaming of with your neighbours, coworkers or roommates. Enjoy!

Junk food day

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