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Christmas Gift ideas - the list to help you make your choice

Don't know what to offer for Christmas yet? Always the same problem when you approach the fateful date. You want to give something different than last year and very personal but as you get older you realise that it costs more to find the right gift because you have less and less ideas every year. Don't worry, today we will present a small list of the best Christmas gift ideas to help you make your choice.


  • For your family

    igloo3Your parents, who have given all their love, affection, patience to teach you how to be who you are now. For Christmas, they deserve a beautiful gift. What's better than a trip to Finland ?! They can enjoy nature, beautiful scenery and aurora borealis, snowy forests, dog sledge tours. Send them to sleep in an igloo! It is the perfect Christmas gift for you to give them the opportunity to enjoy together a pleasant moment and certainly a unique experience.

  • For you friends

    imagesFriends are there to do all the crazy things with you so when you'll be old you can tell the good stories to your grandchildren. Your friends are your faithful companions who follow you in all stages of life! There is no longer thinking, the most appropriate Christmas gift for a friend is a skydive experience! Surprise your friend and give him a unique experience that will give them adrenaline to jump from a plane.

  • For a boyfriend/girlfriend

    _dsc6019_1The Christmas Gift that will give a big smile to your partner is a photo book coupled with a weekend somewhere! Go together discover a new place, make memories and collect the photos to make a book so you'll never forget this moment. In addition to spend an excellent weekend together, you can keep all the memories and add the photos to your photo album.

  • For everyone

    mandala-minSomething that is good for all ages, styles and personalities is a personalised phone case you can find on our GoCustomized website. It's a universal gift that suits everyone! Why? Everyone has a phone nowadays and no matter for who it is, it is possible to customise it to fit everyone. You can customise a case for all styles: classic, modern, rebel and for acquaintances, colleagues, friends or family member... Choose a photo or design that matches the person who will receive this Christmas gift. It's also perfect for a last minute gift as there is no need to spend much money and within few days you get the personalised phone case at home!

    If you have more ideas, share them by leaving a comment below ;-)

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