Collaboration: The Blogger Promgramme (TBP)

Here at GoCustomized we are constantly doing collaborations with bloggers and Instagrammers. However, this is the not the only type of collaboration that we limit ourselves to. Recently we have had the privileged to sponsor a part of The Blogger Programme's (TBP) annual Blogger Hangout event. Read on to learn more!

LFWBalloon Source: TBP

The Event

TBP is a platform which connects bloggers and brands with each other with the aim of collaborating. Each year TBP throws an extravagant event inviting a large variety of bloggers to chill, try new products, and meet each other AKA The Blogger Hangout.  This year the event was hosted during London's Fashion Week and the venue was to die for.  With classy decor and descendant product samples that was definitely Insta worthy.  In the midst of their getting hair and nails done, photo shoots, and trying delicious cupcakes the bloggers were given a gift bag with all sorts of goodies which included literally everything you could think of!

Our Role

When TBP reached out to us we know immediately this is was an event that we just had to participate in! A month's work went into preparing for being a gift bag sponsor for The Blogger Hangout. You may be wondering it is we gifted the bloggers - and of course we made custom made phone cases! We chose to design our own design that matches the invitations, theme, and quote of the event.

For this event TBP also had a brunch for the 10 top influencers which we also created even more personalised cases. Taking quotes that they have used or ones that we're inspired by their Instagrams/blogs we created beautiful individual cases. In total we made and hand packaged 200 cases for this event. We also created hand written cards for each case with invited the bloggers to contact us for a collaboration.

All in all it was a fun event to prepare for and it is definitely nice to see everything come together. It was a pleasure working with TBP and we look forward to future collaborations will everyone!

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