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Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Once a year, it’s possible! At Comic-Con 2016, people from around the world can step in the shoes of a superhero and meet others with the same passion. The event will be going on for three days, from July 21 until July 24. Approximately 130,000 fans attend the event every year and everyone wears a costume, whether it’s simple or detailed to the bone.

Comic-Con 2011

The story of Comic-Con

In 1970, Comic-Con started in San Diego. In the first year, approximately 300 people came and the event was focused specifically on comic books. Over the years, the exhibition grow enormously and by 2006, the regular hall didn’t fit all the visitors, so all the surrounding hotels and houses also needed to be rented out. The range of topics that were covered at Comic-Con also expanded beyond just comic books, going into fantasy, horror and science fiction. It’s also very popular to combine characters from different genres in one costume, to create the ultimate hero. All in all, the event is a dream for cosplayers and people who love to dress themselves up in a superhero like way!

Donald Trump as The Joker, CREDIT TO ZEIT.DE


Pokémon at Comic-Con 2016

The most present topic at Comic-Con 2016 was definitely Pokémon. Hundreds of visitors came dressed up as Ash Ketchum, or as a Pokémon itself. Obviously, there were thousands that were playing Pokémon Go with each other. Many bars around the area reported that their businesses were packed with fans playing the popular smartphone game.

Pokémon Fans auf der Comic-Con 2016



Some fans that visited the event arrived in simple, yet hero-related costumes, but most put a lot of effort into their ensemble. Some were so professional, that it became hard to differentiate fan-made costumes from officially made costumes!

There were not only costumes from comic books, but also some from popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Transformers, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Disney and Silent Hill. It seems as though the whole fantasy universe got together at a party!

Steam Punk Kostüme


Would Comic-Con be something just for you? What would you come dressed up as? Let us know in the comments below!


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