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Create Designs For Free!

Today I introduce the online tools gravit.io, paint.net and Gimp.org etc. With these websites you can create free designs. They are free and easy to use. Read on and find out what you can do with them!


Quite honestly, who needs the overpriced programs that are super powerful, but you take an eternity to learn. The Gravit web app lets you create great illustrations. Gravit is also great for teamwork, because several people can have access to an account and thus several people can work with it. Anyone familiar with Photoshop will not have any problems with this program. How does it works? Here is an overview of the app:

Getting Started with Gravit


Paint.net is an image processing software designed specifically for Windows XP and higher. Paint.net was first thought of as a free replacement for MS Paint. This is however much less complicated, and thus very recommended for beginners. You can cut, paste, change background and countless more.

Create great designs - paint.net Image from Techradar.com

Last but not least ... Gimp.org

Great program for image retouching, picture composition or image processing. Similar to how Paint.net works. Here some previous knowledge is a plus, BUT for nowadays there are tonnes of tutorials onYoutube! So everything is possible! You can make a picture different and insert great effects. Here is a video of to learn in 7 minutes!

Which of the programs do you like best and why? We are happy if you could get a free alternative to Photoshop and the other programs. Do you use any of these already? Let us know, in a comment underneath!

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