Easter Sale: Wheel of Fortune

Easter is around the corner and we want to celebrate it in the best possible way. Play our Easter Sale Game and you are guaranteed to receive a sweet prize. Want to find out more about it? Keep on reading.

Easter Sale Wheel of Fortune

A time to be happy

Easter is a time of the year to celebrate in many ways. Some will treasure some family time, others prefer to enjoy a quick holiday right at the beginning of the Spring, and others will just enjoy some time at home to hang out with friends.  But one thing we can agree on, Easter is a time for games. Little kids will go crazy with numerous egg treasure hunts, face painting, dressing up as bunnies… but adults can have their own fun at this time of the year as well, especially if you enjoy a good Easter Sale. If you like luck and shopping we have put together the perfect game for you, an Easter Wheel of Fortune with sweet, sweet prizes.

Easter Sale Time

This year we have turned the fun but time-consuming egg treasure hunt into an interactive and quick game that will give you the chance to win prizes that are sweeter than chocolate. You have probably heard about the concept; Wheel of Fortune sounds familiar, right? I bet it does. But this time is much better because whatever you land on, you have a guaranteed prize! So, we will only have winners here. To play, you only need to go to our Easter Sale Page and drag the wheel, you will immediately receive one of these amazing prizes that you can use until April 3rd, 2018.

Easter Sale Discounts

Sweet game, don’t you think? Then spread the word! Your friends and family might love to get a hand on this Easter Sale! To make it easy for you, you can share it directly on Facebook by going to our Easter Facebook post. And don’t worry, there are enough discounts for everybody!

Easter Sale Facebook Post

How can I use my discount code?

Copy your discount code or write it down, you will need it at the checkout page. Do your shopping, as usual, get a custom phone case with your favorite photo or maybe make your own custom notebook this time. Anyway, your code is valid sitewide, so anything you purchase will get the discount you won on our Easter Sale Game.

A couple of things to remember, the codes are not applied to shipping costs and they’re only valid until April 3rd, 2018, so make sure you cash it before then. Our top prize is a free phone case, so this code will only be applied to phone cases on our website. Last but not least, you have the chance to play this game only once, but no worries, you are guaranteed to win something, we don’t want any frowns down for Easter.

To recap, what’s new for Easter?

  • A fun Easter Sale Game

  • A chance to win amazing prizes

  • A fun game to share with your friends

Hope you enjoy it and let us know in the comments below what prize you’ve got!

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