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Becoming new parents is never easy. It is always difficult to adjust to the arrival of a new member of the family who constantly demands your attention. Today we have made a small selection of high tech, or unusual, applications and accessories for new parents that exist to help you. Read on to discover them!

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Unusual accessories

ACCESSORIES FOR NEW PARENTS Image from diapers.com

Are you tired of having your purse full of dummies to replace the ones your baby dropped on the floor during the day? This dummy closes automatically as soon as it falls down, so you can reuse it without having to clean it.

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The Baby Shusher produces a sound that mimics what your baby used to hear in the womb, which should instantly calm them and allow you to relax.

High tech accessories


During the first few months, your baby will spend most of their time sleeping. You can invest in a video monitor so that you can keep an eye on them and even speak to them through your smartphone!


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Infant Crying Translator is an application that apparently lets you know if your child's cries mean that they're hungry, tired, hurt or if they must be changed. This application works best for  the baby's first few months and becomes less effective after 6 months.

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Another very useful application to understand your baby is Baby Manager . Throughout the day, you can identify when you have fed your baby, changed them, put them to bed etc ... This allows you to organise your day and meet their needs as best as possible. The application also offers many other useful functions for new parents!

Be careful not to use these applications or smartphones in general when you're next to your baby, especially when it is very small, because the radiation waves can be dangerous for them!


And the last essential accessory for a new parent: a customised case with a photo of your baby to show everyone how cute they are and to protect your smartphone! You can enjoy your baby's nap to make your own personalised phone case on our site using our design tool. It's very easy and it will take you 5 minutes!

And what are your essential accessories for new parents? Let us know in the comments!

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