Everything We Know About the LG G6

The new LG G6 should enable LG to recover some ground after the LG G5 smartphone has not convinced customers. What can we expect, then, from this highly anticipated phone? Continue reading to find out...

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Different Look

As you can see from the photo above, LG has completely changed the style, offering a body with a clean and elegant aluminum frame, keeping a big enough screen without increasing the footprint. It will probably have the screen with rounded corners. Contrary to what was done by Apple, HTC, and other manufacturers, the audio jack He will remain in place.

Although we have very few pictures, and we can not see the backthe biometric system should remain. Also, considering the construction across glass and metal, the removable battery should disappear, leaving off the Waterproof treatment.

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Full Power

It was expected earlier that the LG G6 would bring the new chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, but according to Forbes, this theory was questioned. Apparently, Samsung has bought the rights to this powerful chip, cutting LG out of the market. According to these rumors, this means that LG G6 will be forced to use older and less powerful chip Snapdragon 821. It 'still a powerful processor, but lower performance could push many fans to change phones. There is also a good chance that LG G6 will feature a C-type USB port, just like its predecessor, as well as maintaining (or improving) The 32GB of memory and 4GB of RAM.

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To learn more we have to wait until the 26th February, ie the date on which it will be presented. Were you waiting for this phone? Please let us know in the comments.

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