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Father's Day Phone Case Design Ideas

Customized cases always makes for great gifts. A unique case with the right design show you know the person well, and they will always be reminded of it because they always have their phone. The hard part is deciding on the perfect image or design for to put on the phone case. Deciding for your dad is no easy task, and you have to get it just right. In this post, I will outline some great design ideas for a phone case for dad! Every dad is unique and deserves the right case special to him, but here is a few good ideas to get started with

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Retro Father's Day Case

Every dad loves to reminisce about the "Good Ole Days", and you can help him do that by including an image from those days on his phone case! Show him that you are always attentive to his endless throwback stories. Add a picture of his first car, a picture of him with a mustache, or when his style was so 70's! Dads are immune to embarrassment, so you can really get creative with images from the retro style days – the more embarrassing the more he will love it. Show your dad that you appreciate his childhood and include an image of his favorite cartoon, game, sport, athlete, or celebrity from back in the day. Depending on what your dad loves there can be many options. Find an old band that your dad raves about, "they don't make music like they used to" or my favorite "you kids don't even make real music these days, you just use a computer". Let him show us kids what a real band looks like! Create a phone case for your Dad here.

Family Pride

Show some family love for Father's Day

We all know how much dads like taking pictures. Okay, maybe they don't like posing for pictures as much as the average person, but there is bound to be a few family photos lying around that show everybody together! This way, your dad can show everybody what a beautiful family he raised. Make the picture from a few years ago, when the children were still young and adorable, that way you can always remind dad how precious you used to be! Also, he might have more hair in that photo, and that hair isn't grey. He might appreciate that, and he won’t be reminded of how much you aged him growing up. Remind your dad everyday of your beautiful family with a custom phone case of the entire family!

Favorite Pet

"Whose a good boy?"

I don't know about your dad, but mine has a very special bond with our dog. Let your dad always be filled with joy when he sees his dog on the back of his phone, always keeping him excited to see them. He can always have his best friend with him through the hard times at work and the good – it’s like he never had to leave him or her at home!

Those are the ideas we have for Father's Day. Do you have any more good ideas for this special Father's day? Leave us a comment here!


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