First Love Day - an Italian Love Story

The waves slowly rolling into the sandy beaches, the cloud cover sparsely dotted across the sky slowly made the sun trickle off the ocean. This tranquil scene was just another normal day for Giuseppe. Giuseppe was a 20 something Italian man, living in the small fishing village of Pescara on Italians Eastern seaboard. Giuseppe laid on the beach as he watched all the tourists walk by, not even glancing up as the scene was nothing out of the ordinary. Thousands would pour into Pescara every year from all over the world for a romantic holiday. This didn't necessarily bother Giuseppe, as his family business was giving boat tours, and without the tourists the business would fail. On occasion, Giuseppe would become annoyed seeing thousands of couples every year and being single himself.

As the waves crashed in to the beach, a couple stopped right in front of Giuseppe. The man grabbed the woman by her hand, spun her around and held her close. He pulled her in, he playfully addressed her "mi amore, over the past few years I have fallen in love with you, and I want these years to last forever", he then proceeded to get down on one knee and propose to her. She said yes, and instead of being happy, Giuseppe stormed off. For whatever reason this act of true love had frustrated him, a single man, Giuseppe went straight home.

On his way Giuseppe had flourishing thoughts run through his head. "Why can't I find the one", "what am I doing wrong", "will I ever find love"? A few months before this incident, Giuseppe had been seeing a woman named Julie, Giuseppe truly thought she was the one. Julie did not share this thought. One day Giuseppe became quite forward with his feelings, as many Italian men like to do, and Julie let him know she thought she wanted to stop seeing him. Since then, Giuseppe has not even as much as looked at another female, frustrated, down, and insecure, Giuseppe did not know what to do. When Giuseppe arrived at home, his father told him they were going to an event tonight, and Giuseppe who just wanted to stay in, argued with his father, even to the point of yelling, waving his hands in the air he said " I do not want to go this event, it is a waste of my time and you should just go alone". His father persisted, as this even was for Giuseppe's brother who was an avid rugby player, another family had invited the team over for dinner. His Father finally told him "Giuseppe, we are going, and you can't say no."

Later that night, after a tense trip to the party, with Giuseppe and his father not even speaking more than a few words to each other, they arrived. A crowded venue, with food, music, and an outdoor patio with a fountain. As Giuseppe was being begrudgingly introduced to his fathers colleagues, he noticed a spark out of the corner of his eye. He focused in, feeling a a rushing feeling in his gut. His eyes opened wide, almost as if he had been stuck with a shot of adrenaline, he was freefalling, yet standing completely still. He whispered to himself, "there she is". His father, having heard his whisper, asked back "Giuseppe, what are you talking about". He replied "not now father, a man has to do what a man has to do". Every feeling over the past few months, every down day, ever couple that Giuseppe had to watch enjoy themselves, every single moment of regret, gone. Giuseppe did not even blink, he knew. He approached her, she saw he was coming, and quickly looked away. Giuseppe did not care. He had seen her beautiful green eyes, her dark black hair curled elegantly over her shoulders, Giuseppe could not figure out why, but he knew she was the one. As he approached her, his heart was racing so fast he could not even think, the worlds just came out of his mouth. "I'm Giuseppe, I noticed you over here and had to come say hello, I think you're are beautiful". She gave a hint of a smile, she had been approached a few times that night already and wasn't really in the mood for another love-seeking Italian man. She was nice though, she replied "Hi, I am Stephanie, it is very nice to meet you, does your brother play rugby too?". Giuseppe was flying so high he forget he was even at a rugby party, he stammered out "Your brother plays rugby too?". Obviously a moment of awkwardness ensued, Stephanie could not tell if Giuseppe maybe had a few too many drinks before approaching her, or maybe he was just an awkward guy. She replied, "Yes, he is Ricardo". They continued to chat, Stephanie remaining polite as Giuseppe tried to build any kind of rapport possible. As the conversation wore down, Giuseppe had found out that Stephanie was attending the university he wanted to attend, "Would you care to show me around the university" he asked. She said sure, but she was conflicted, "Where are you from".

Stephanie did not like city boys, she had been with a man from the city many times before, and she had all but sworn them off. She let Giuseppe know this, Giuseppe was not deterred. He vowed to show her he wasn't a stuck up city boy like she assumed.

Over the the next week, Giuseppe would call, trying to set up a time for Stephanie to show him around the university, she had every excuse in the book. Until one time, Giuseppe had worn her down so much she agreed for the following Friday night. Giuseppe went out the next day and bought a brand new outfit, got his hair styled by the nicest parlor in town, practiced all he was going to say, he knew how important this one. On the contrary, Stephanie searched for any way to wiggle out of this, as she really did not want to spend more time with a city boy, but she couldn't wiggle hard enough, and on Thursday night, Giuseppe called to confirm. It was on.

They met, and over the next few hours it was Giuseppe who would come out victorious, over time Stephanie realized it wasn't all city boys who were bad, and she was wrong to assume this about Giuseppe. He was a kind caring individual, who spent his life bringing joy to other couples lives, never having the time to focus on his own. Stephanie new this time, she would find him the time. They finally reached the center park of the university, right as the sun was setting just as Giuseppe had planned, he pulled her close, looked her in the eye. Tonight, Giuseppe was not worried about Julie, he was not down, he was not worried, he had a shimmer in his eye, he was in love. He pulled her in tighter, there lips locking. Stephanie never planned for this, she thought she would show him around the campus for an hour and leave for the night, and here they were 3 hours later, kissing as the sunset behind them. She was not worried about what she thought of city boys, she was not trying to find other plans to dismiss Giuseppe, she had a sparkle in her smile, she was in love.

8 years later Stephanie and Giuseppe are still together, madly in love. Even after Stephanie swore off city boys, even after Giuseppe struggled to speak in coherent sentences that night. In the USA, that same Friday night, George wooed the star cheerleader that laughed at him the first time he tried to talk to her, in front of the whole cheer squad none the less. He was in love. A week before, Alba confessed her love to Alvaro, the silky Spanish man, who would travel the world, and never had time for Alba. But love overcomes. A year before, Victor, a Dutch boy, wrote a love letter to his crush Nicole. She smiled at him after, he was in love. Later that month, a French boy Nicolas baked a cupcake to bring to a girl Pauline in his school the next day, she told him it was delicious and he was cute, Nicolas was in love.

This story isn't unique, and to any one else reading has no meaning attached to it. It just goes to show that no matter who you are, what you are going through, what you think you are looking for, at any time, you could fall in love. Love doesn't have a schedule, it doesn't give warnings, because love doesn't care, it just acts. So, on September 18th take a moment to reflect on the first time you fell in love. Remember how imperfect it was, remember how you did not predict it, remember how amazing it was, and know it will happen again. Remember that feeling you had, and no matter how it ended, appreciate it, it was special, and the more you think about it, the more you will realize it.

And if you have trouble remembering it, try making a custom phone case with a special date or picture to help. Let us know below if you have a first love story you wish to share!

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