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Thinking about some gifts for men?

It’s always to thank your dad or husband for everything he’s done! It’s time to start thinking about gifts for men and that’s no easy task. So if you still need a little bit of help, don’t panic – we’re here with some of the best tips!


Men’s Classics. 

gifts for men classics

You can always rely on some men’s classics, such as cigars, beer or maybe even a little fine wine. Perhaps one of his favourite cologne would be great for when he goes out. These classic gifts will surely not disappoint, especially since men are always happy with anything they get!




gifts for men cases

Sometimes there’s nothing better than homemade gifts for men and one of our recommendations is a personalised phone case. In our online shop, you can make a personalised phone case for your dad or partner, the way he would love it. With our easy to use editor, you can customise a specific phone case type while having a good time! Your creativity knows no boundaries, so you can transform an everyday object such as a phone case into a unique work of art.


Starting from £14.95, free shipping.


Strange but funny.


gifts for men grill

May the force of the sausage with you! For bona fide Star Wars and barbecue fans among our fathers, we recommend the Star Wars tongs with Sound Effect. Design Technically, the tongs after the lightsaber of Darth Vader in nothing. The only difference: this weapon is meant to be used for inanimate appetizers. Cool sound effects, such as when turning the sausage, provide fun and entertainment and let your dad be the hero of every cookout.

May the sausage be with you! For hardcore Star Wars men, we recommend the Star Wars tongs with sound effects. These barbeque tongs mimic Darth Vader’s classic light saber noise, but instead of being used to cook enemies, it will be used to cook some meat. Cool sound effects, such as turning the sausage, will provide fun and entertainment when grilling on a nice summer day!


Costs about €37.00, plus shipping.


Made for adventurers.


gifts for men helicopter

Do you want to go above and beyond a regular materialistic gift? Something a bit deeper, or perhaps higher? Why not give your father or your partner the opportunity to fly around in a helicopter? With a helicopter flight, he will be able to sit behind the wheel for three hours, many meters above the ground! It will definitely make for a memorable experience and a great gift that he will never forget in his life!


Cost: €329 00, plus shipping.


If you have more men’s gift ideas, drop a comment in the section below!

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