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Are you satisfied with your personalized case or gadget by GoCustomized? Let everyone know! How to do it? Easy! There are several ways to let people know what you think of our company. Continue reading to find it out ...

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Kiyoh is a reviews website where you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company. In Kiyoht, you can give a score to GoCustomized on a scale from 1 to 10. The average rating given by our customers is 8.3.

Give us a rating and help us to increase our score on Kiyoh! Do you want to delete or modify a comment about Kiyoh? Send us an e-mail, we will send you a Kiyoh link. If there is something wrong with one of our personalized phone cases or gadgets do not hesitate to let us know through the following email: We will be happy to help you find a suitable solution!

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Google Reviews

You can leave your review about GoCustomized on Google Reviews. You can rate GoCustomized on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. 5 star rating if you're completely satisfied or 1 star if you're completely dissatisfied. If you are not satisfied with the product received, send us an email to:, we will help you!

Social Media

Another way to review GoCustomized is through Social Networks! You can share photos with your friends and stay in touch with them! Many times GoCustomized customers post on Facebook a photo of the product they purchased from GoCustomized. Below you can see an example of a Facebook post! You can also share your thoughts on GoCustomized on Instagram or Twitter.

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Do you want to share your beautiful and unique phone case or do you have something to say about GoCustomized? Let us know in the comments below and do not be afraid to post on social media, Kiyoh or Google Reviews.


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