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GoCustomized Social Media Channels

Hello there! Have you checked out our website and thought it was pretty cool. Did you also think "wow I would love to create my own fun and personalised case but I have no inspiration." As usual we have come to save the day .... continue reading to find out how!

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Here is our secret to helping you out with inspiration - our social media channels! We are not just your typical company with just an average Facebook and half up-to-date Instagram. Actually we pride ourselves in regularly updating all channels with new, fresh, and trending content.


This channel is a classic and a must have! With basically everyone being on this platform it is a must! On our Facebook page (GoCustomizedCOUK), we post up to three times a week and it's not just what we think is cool. We also include re-post of bloggers who we have collaborated with so you can see what others have created and their experiences with us. We also like to mix up the type of content we provide. Not to mention we also provide support on Facebook if it is easiest for you!


So we are low key trying to be insta famous so our posts are on fire and are not the same as Facebook. On this channel we mainly do different design ideas and they are not all related to each other. We like to explore different areas of potential designs from delicious food (because who doesn't enjoy a good piece of cake on their phone case )  to designs inspired from trending TV shows -we've got you! Find us by searching GoCustomized!


We are growing our Twitter sphere so we are always tweeting different kinds of promotions and discounts via this social media channel. If you want to win something totally sweet (like a free phone case) than keep checking in with us and follow us @GoCustomized. Who knows maybe we will have a totally sweet deal exclusive to Twitter!


Okay back to the actual design ideas. We have boards on boards on boards. With these boards they are full of inspiration based on all kinds of categories. You can go ahead and browse images that could inspire the next Picasso on a phone case. We also a general "more ideas" spot which might spark something in you!


Last but not least our newest social media channel - tumblr! On this medium we post our own designs and are on the look out for design we like from others! Who knows maybe we will re-post you! Find us by clicking here


Hope one or more of these social media channels inspires you to create a totally awesome personalised phone case! Don't forget to follow us so that you may always be up to date and inspired. Want to see us on another media channel - let us know! Want to give us design ideas - also go ahead and comment below!

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