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Find out what social networks we use, connect with us and don’t miss out on our latest news!


The use of social networks has grown in recent years and it seems like this trend will continue to grow stronger. Social networks help us connect with people from the past and present and give us the opportunity to know what our favourite celebrities are up to. In addition to family, friends and celebrities, we can see exactly what companies from all the around the world are creating!

Social Networks GoCustomized

At GoCustomized, we believe it is very important to show who we are and what we do as a company. For us, the use of social networks is almost as necessary as our website itself. Our goal is to create a community of followers that share the same interest and passion as us! We are active in many different social networks in order to give visitors and customers the information they want about us and our products! Keep reading this article to find out where you can find us and what we focus on in this posts!


GoCustomized Social Networks



Social Networks Facebook


Facebook is easily our favourite social network. On Facebook, we publish special promotions and contests. If you want to receive a free case or a large discount code, be sure to give us a thumbs up. One like could get you one of our amazing personalised phone cases!

In addition, we announce new products on Facebook and if you participate, you have the chance to be one of the first to own a great and unique accessory!



Social Networks Instagram


For us, Instagram serves as a photo gallery to show our customers’ best creaetions. By using the hashtag #gocustomized or tag @gocustomized, you have the chance to become part of our community. Additionally, if you’ve participated in a collaboration with us and we think that your design is fantastic, we will publish your artwork on our page!



Social Networks Twitter


On Twitter, you can find customer testimonials, your opinions about new products and of course images. If you are curious about our product quality, then refer to our Twitter account. We’d love to retweet your amazing creations, so tag us and we’ll give it a look.



Social Networks Pinterest


If you are looking for inspiration, you have to check out our Pinterest account. Our Pinterest is made to help you create the perfect personalised phone case. Here, you can find many folders filled with amazing designs that are worthy to be used on your accessory! So don’t feel bad if you’re out of ideas, we’re always here to assist you.



Social Networks Tumblr


This is the youngest of our social networks. It’s begun making its first few steps, but it has yet to grow. Our intention is to reach a larger audience, so whenever we can, we try and take part in the newest and most popular social networks. For now, Tumblr is used for designs and images!


GoCustomized social networks are made for you! We hope to see you join our community very soon!

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