Handy Notebook Uses

Yes, the "Notes" application on your mobile seems to be too small for all the notes and plans you want to make. I guess its time to dig out that notebook that was last used when you were taking notes as a student. Here at GoCustomized we believe that it is time resurrect and reinvent the notebook and its use as a faithful companion for day to day life. Do you want to make the best of your notebook and turn it into your best ally? Today we give you some ideas for you to do it.

1) To do list

Whether or not you are naturally super organized or not, it is always important to have a list of tasks and objectives at hand. Having it in a notebook is much more visual, and the satisfaction of crossing out a completed task will force you to go for the next. Choose a notebook to your liking and start with the daily tasks. In addition, you can also compile goals, both personal and professional in your notebook. All this will help you to be more organized and have more free time for other activities.

2) Travel journal

If you are an insatiable traveler, unable to get rid of that train ticket on your trip to Europe or the entrance to that museum that left you in awe, using a notebook as a travel journal is the best. In it you can make and plan the routes of travel, in addition to the sites to visit, routes to follow, even shops in which to buy in your future destination. Once you have completed the trip, you can write and pick up everything that has surprised you along with a reflection or commentary on your experience. It will serve you to remember and repeat visits in those restaurants, corners and cities that you fell in love with.

3) Dream book

Who never has dreams, illusions, and great desires? This list of endless projects must be immortalised on paper and in a notebook or dream book. It will make you feel that not everything is unattainable and that, with determination, everything can be achieved with work and perseverance.  We recommend that you plan projects that can be attainable, either short or long term. And do not forget to leave them all written in your notebook.

4) Customizable add-on

The idea of ​​having a notebook always with you is very nice, but even more so if that notebook has your personal signature. Yes, something like a photo on the cover of the notebook of your last trip or that nice family reunion. From GoCustomized we offer the possibility of personalising your notebook to your liking, so that you can look proud to have something unique and unrepeatable. In addition, depending on the use you want to give your notebook, you can choose the image that best suits the notebook. There are plenty of possibilities to choose from: photos, pictures or just an inspirational quote.

And you, what use would you give to your personalized notebook? Tell us about it by leaving a comment with your opinion. And visit our website to get one.

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