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Lost Phone - What can I do?

It happens quicker than you think and more likely than not has happened already happened to you as well. You lost your phone.. Be it from being distracted or even worse: it was stolen. Almost everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling in your tummy that arises once you have lost your phone. This article will present you measures you can take when this mishap occurs to you.

Lost phone


1. Try calling it

If you realize it quickly enough, there is a relatively good chance that your phone is still turned on and that someone has found it. In such a case, it makes sense to borrow a phone and call your phone: it may still be closeby.


2. Use the location services

If you lost your phone, you can use the location services to track it. You can do this with an iPhone as well as with a Samsung phone.


Searching for an Android smartphone

In order to find your lost Android smartphone, for example your Samsung, you will only need your Gmail account information. Visit the “Find my phone” Site and login using your Gmail data. The Samsung service will then automatically look for your last-used device. Other devices connected to this Google Account can also be tracked down like this. The latest position of the device will then be displayed on a map.

In case the Search process does not yield any results, you can activate an alarm that will blare for 5 minutes, which may attract attention towards it. This works even when the phone is on silent mode. If neither of these options are successful, you can still lock your phone or even delete all the data from your phone remotely.


Searching for an iPhone

Not only an Android phone can be tracked using location services, but Apple’s iCloud service allows the same for the iPhone. All you need to do is find the “Find my iPhone” option on your device and activate it. You can access this setting under Settings-> iCloud -> My iPhone. Here you can also save your phone’s most recent location in case of low battery, so that you can also find it in case your phone’s battery dies.

Lost phone


3. Lock your SIM card

When you lost your phone, this might be the first thing you should be doing. Doing this, you can prevent that someone uses paid services such as calls or web browsing from your phone. To lock your phone, all you have to do is call your provider. Most providers even allow you to do this yourself using your account on their online platforms.

Lost phone


4. File a police report

In case a theft cannot be ruled out, you should report the incident to the police. In order for the police to be able to identify your phone, you will need your device’s IMEI number. Depending on the manufacturer, you should find this number either on the back of your device or underneath the battery. For newly purchased devices, this number should be on the phone’s packaging. The quickest way to find the IMEI number is to call *#06#. This trick works on every smartphone.

Lost phone


5. Write down your contact information onto your phone

In case someone finds your phone and would like to return it, they would be able to see your contact information on the phone itself. Ideally, you would have a phone case with your address on it. At GoCustomized you can design your own phone case. You can see what that can look like in the following photo.

Lost phone


6. Change your passwords

You lost your phone but you’re not sure how easy your passwords can be cracked? Lock-patterns  or passwords such as “Hello” or “1111” can be cracked easily. Make sure to change the most important passwords that you have used on your phone, such as the ones for services like Facebook, Instagram, Email or your Cloud.


Should you have lost your phone, you now know what you need to do. It would be even better if you could prepare yourself for this situation. These are some tips:


  • Choose a lock-pattern that is difficult to guess
  • Activate the location services (on the iPhone, download the app “Find my iPhone” - on the Android, activate the device manager to locate your device)
  • Remember your IMEI number (Simply dial *#06#)



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