We want to take the chance to celebrate an international holiday on July 6 – International Kissing Day! We’d like to hold an International Kissing Day Challenge, so each of you can show off just how much you care about your loved ones. So don't be shy, keep reading to find out what you could win and how to participate!

International Kissing Day 1


What is International Kissing Day?

International Kissing Day is celebrated to remind everyone that kisses are given just for the sake of kissing, and not to just conform to what society expects of you. The act of kissing can be satisfying in itself and doesn’t necessarily have to have a meaning behind it. Therefore, today, go ahead and kiss anyone you’d like!


At GoCustomized, we believe that a kiss can be given for love, passion, respect, affection, friendship and good luck, among other things. We want to spread this message throughout the world by starting up a little challenge. Starting on July 6, on International Kissing Day, we ask you to share your kisses with the world!


The idea is to post your sweetest, most loving kiss on Instagram.

To participate, you must:


1) Participate between July 6 and July 10


2) Upload a photo of you kissing whoever you want on Instagram. It can be your partner, your grandparents, your parents, your best friend, your pet, and so on. The point is, show your love for them!

International Kissing Day 2


Tag @GoCustomized on your photo and use the hashtag #internationalkissingday


On Monday, July 11, we will make randomly select a person to receive a custom phone case from us! We will contact you personally for more details.


So, get carried away by the power of the kiss and participate in this fun little challenge.


Let’s make this year’s International Kissing Day unforgettable!

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