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Job Search: Tips and Advice

You have finished your studies and are on the job market for the first time? Are you not satisfied with your current job and want to try something new? Everything is possible, but job hunting is always a complicated step. Between career sites, CV tips and research tips, find out how to find your new job!

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1 - Job Search: Determining Your Goals

Before you can search, you have to know what to look for and where. Make a list of your goals to refine your research and put the important elements in your CV.

For example, for which kind of companies would you like to work (startups, multinationals, SMEs), in which sectors, what type of positions meet your skills,  the salary or the corporate culture, UK or leave for an international job (etc.)? Once you have determined what type of position, business and city you want to apply for, you are ready to start your search.

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2 - CV and cover letter

To have the best chance of getting an interview, you need to work on your resume and cover letter. Job searching is difficult and depressing. Many people are in the market, so you have to apply for many offers to increase your chances of sealing the deal. For this to be possible quickly, you need a resume and a cover letter ready to be used. It is therefore advisable to write an English CV.

Warning ! International and UK CVs are written differently. Inquire about the form and the background according to the country concerned (for example no photograph, the professional experience before the academic trajectory ...).


Rather than listing your tasks, indicate your accomplishments.
Stay on one page, both for CV and for the cover letter!
Adapt some details of your resume and the motivation letter depending on the offer to apply. In this way, you can put the required skills into action.

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3 - Job search: Career sites

The first two stages completed, you are ready to the search for offers and positions. First, you can look at the career pages of all the companies that come to mind. For example, GoCustomized often seeks trainees and publishes job offers on its website. So you can apply directly from their site or get an email address.

If you have done the trick, you can go to career sites. These sites reference many jobs according to the filters chosen beforehand and the location. For example, you have Indeed, Jobteaser, Graduateland, Monster, Linkedin, Gumtree (Australia, UK) ... The list is long and varies by country. If you're just graduating, your university or school probably has its own platform.

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4 - Job Search: Using Your Network

Are you still using Facebook? Social networks are super useful for your job search! Let your friends know, that you are looking for a job, they may know someone. Linkedin is also paramount. It is important to have a complete profile so that potential employers can consult and contact you easily. You can also post a message that all your connections will see. They may possibly connect with other people.

Do not downplay the importance of social networking and networking, it's easy, fast and you have nothing to lose! ;)

Come on, good luck in your search! Do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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