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KURI: the new robot for your custom case

How many times do you miss out on fantastic moments and say, "If only I was there to photograph that scene!" Well, Mayfield Robotics may have found the right solution to this problem: the Kuri Home Robot.

Source: mashable

Still under development, this robot has been created in such a way as to enable it to rotate due to its own autonomy thanks to sensors that identify obstacles. But the peculiarity of Kuri is his ability to capture unexpected moments with 5-second videos.

Kuri's holders can interact with the small robot by voice commands and point them to which room to go or tell him "Go home" and he will head to his charging station. Kuri's fantastic thing is that he possesses an artificial intelligence that allows him to learn from the choices you make and know how to distinguish people from animals. And thanks to his intelligence, the robot will capture everything that happens during the day, but will only share the best 8 videos in the cloud. Imagine how many moments you can capture with this new jewel of technology: fun moments, embarrassing moments, or simply moments of daily life. In this way you will be lucky enough to find out everything that happens to your home !!

Source: Mayfeild Robotics

Do you think Kuri can only be useful to shoot videos? Here at GoCustomized, we believe that there are also many other uses. The most important of all? Obviously customise your case !! Would not it be great to use all those beautiful moments to create your custom, unique and original phone case? We really think so! But since it will take time for the release of Kuri, why not start with what you already have available? Go to our site, choose your mobile model and find out how to create your own custom cover!

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