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It's that time again…Christmas is coming up and the first Advent calendar doors are already open. December is in full swing. But what do you give your loved one? Pretty much everyone is asking this big question as this time of the year continues. Most have already started to Christmas shop and know what they are getting, but then there are the ones that have been procrastinating. We are here to help you with those last minute Christmas gifts.
Last minute Christmas Gifts

In addition to the two people who have already laid their Christmas presents under the tree for all of their loved ones, there are the ones that will be looking for last minute Christmas gifts. You are not a morning person, you often don't show up on time, or like to procrastinate things to a later time? If you feel this accurately describes you, then you are in the right place! This is a small guide and a small tribute to those looking for last minute Christmas gifts.

Let's start from the following scenario; you wake up one morning and it is suddenly December 23rd and you only have less than 24 hours to get a present for one of your loved ones. But what to do? Maybe Rome was not built in a single day, but today's age offers us enough opportunities to make the impossible possible just a few hours before the special holiday.

1.) The package that gives a smile

Yes, it is one of the biggest companies of all, and yes, it does break down the retail business, but there's nothing more convenient than ordering all of your presents beautifully via the devious big business, Amazon. Nobody can deny the joy they feel when an Amazon package arrives at their door when they only ordered it that week. Amazon has blessed us with the luxury of having items delivered through Amazon prime or express delivery in just two days, and sometimes only one day. Amazon is perfect for those looking for last minute Christmas gifts, since they have almost everything in stock.
A little tip: maybe the lucky person you are shopping for even has a public wish list on their Amazon account, so you can "just by chance" also give something that you can guarantee that person will enjoy.


2.) The handy man

last minute Christmas gifts

Did you used to be the Stephen Hawking of your class that made everything with your jigsaw and the hot glue gun? Then you do not need to worry about gifts. You have a creative mind and you like to do things yourself, and you used to be the one who used to give your parents or family members a self-made or tinkered card. Also happy with the classic: a voucher for cooking or tidying up. While in this category mainly men resort to tools, women often get creative elsewhere. They are the ones giving something personal or emotional. A common dinner or spa evening. Or something that connects man and woman, in the form of a beautiful memory or something very close. Men use their hands here and women use their brains. The most important thing that matters is that your last minute Christmas gifts come from the heart. Check here for more on DIY Christmas gifts.

3.) For the old-fashioned

Many people, especially those of the older generation, are not very familiar with online shops and the internet. They want to see what they buy, try it out, try it on, and take it home in their bag after paying for it. Many of you probably have a very good idea of someone like this, your grandma and grandpa. And yes, they are probably pioneers of this group, but also many elite and conservative older groups like to follow this pattern. They want to be in control, even if it's 5 to 12, and are often unsure. Nevertheless, they are fully committed to the gifts of family and friends even when they are searching for last minute Christmas gifts. What could be cooler than going out in this cold season and taking the gifts you purchase home in your own hands instead of having to wait for Amazon Santa?


4.) Pressure makes you inventive

last minute Christmas gifts

Many of us can really become inventive and accomplish something under pressure. The people who started learning two days before the exam but still succeeded are an example. They like to wait until the end, but still deliver. Most of the most creative or stunning spontaneous gifts come from them. A cool homemade mix-tape or one of the many cool, new, innovative gifts that are often shown on Facebook or Instagram. Things no-one ever comes up with. These people end up pulling off the best presents even though they wait last minute.

5.) If everything is lost, here is our tip

last minute Christmas gifts

Everybody uses their mobile phone several hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is probably the electronic device that we have the most in our hands. It's usually expensive and sensitive so why should we not protect it enough? There are classic cell phone cases, but most look boring, or the likelihood that someone in your circle of friends has exactly the same case is very high. But at Christmas, it would be quite nice to be able to make mobile phone cases yourself. At GoCustomized, you can easily make a phone case yourself, just as you like it. Create your custom case with your pictures of you and your loved ones or unforgettable memories. An unforgettable accessory as a gift for a close person, who will always carry this memory with them. Your imagination knows no boundaries. Design a custom phone case with your loved ones favourite quote, image, or sports logo. The sky is the limit when designing these cases and then you can avoid looking for last minute Christmas gifts.




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