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Last week we told you here what we thought of the iPhone 7, months after its release. Hardly any time has passed since the iPhone 7 was release and we are already seeing some rumors appearing about the next smartphone from Apple. Keep reading to find out more about the possible release date of the new iPhone and the rumors about its features!

iPhone 7S Rumours Image from Macworld.co.uk


Since the release of the iPhone 4S, nearly all iPhone releases have happened in Autumn, so the iPhone 7S (or maybe iPhone 8) is expected to be released by September 2017. Apple has always been accustomed to launching an iPhone on the market, then releasing an improved version with the same name the year after (iPhone 4 / 4S, iPhone 5 / 5S ...) but it could be that the tradition stops there. There are indeed rumors that Apple would go directly to the iPhone 8, since the iPhone 7 looked much like the 6 and that Apple will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in 2017.

IPhone 7s rumours Image from Macworld.co.uk

1) iPhone 7S Rumours: Appearance

After having kept more or less the same design with the last two iPhones, it is expected that Apple will finally change the design. A big change, following the removal of the headphone jack, could be the disappearance of the famous Home button. The button could occupy the same place but only appear if needed, and the TouchID feature would have a larger place on the iPhone.

The new iPhone 7S could have glass on the front of the iPhone but also on the back to continue being the smartphone of design excellence.

IPhone 7s rumours Image from Macotakara.jp/blog

In terms of color, the iPhone 7 was already available in five colors: silver, gold, rose gold, matte black, jet black. There are rumors that say that the iPhone 7S will be available in all these colors but also in red!

2) iPhone 7S Rumours: New features

One of the new features that could be included with the iPhone 7S is wireless charging. Loading the Apple Watch already works like this thanks to the ceramic back. And a technological advance now allows this same type of loading with metal, which allows Apple to make tests for this type of charging.

IPhone 7s rumours Image from Macworld.co.uk

Apple could also be interested in virtual reality that could bring a plus to the new iPhone. Stay tuned...

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