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Every week (sometimes every day), we hear new rumours about potential new Apple products that could soon enter the market. If all these were true, however, I'm sure Apple would be dominating the world by now. Today we have compile the latest Apple rumours we have seen online, discovered through reports and patent applications. You definitely want to see what might be coming from the tech giants.

Latest Apple Rumours Image from Macworld.co.uk


1. The Electric Car

Latest Apple Rumours Image from Stuff.tv

There has been talk of this since 2015 when it was discovered that Apple had hundreds of people working on the production of an electric car, known as "Project Titan". But even the company CEO, Tim Cook, has denied the project.

However, emails have been discovered with discussions of testing facilities for these electric cars, because they also have an automatic driving function. A risky project expected to come to fruition in 2019...


2. A Television

Latest Apple Rumours Image from Stuff.tv

For years Apple has talked about creating their own streaming service to complement Apple TV. Rumors erupted again in 2015 with reports indicating that Apple could offer something similar to PlayStation TV or Sling TV, but for a cheaper subscription. As of now we are still waiting to hear anything solid.


3. The iRing

Latest Apple Rumours Image from Stuff.tv

The Apple Ring. Perhaps the logical continuation of the Apple Watch? We are not expecting it but it seems that Apple is considering this possibility. According to a patent found, you can see an Apple screen attached to a ring. We think this one would be quite far fetched.


4. A Touch Bar for the MacBook Pro

Latest Apple Rumours Image from Stuff.tv

Not so much a rumour anymore as this has now been confirmed, but there it is still an awesome new feature all the same. For the new MacBook Pro, Apple has added an OLED touch bar. With it you can access several applications faster and easier, as well as other functions. The bar has a fingerprint sensor on which you can slide your finger to make the Macbook Pro more secure.


5. iPad Mini Pro

Latest Apple Rumours Image from Stuff.tv

If you're happy with you're iPad mini, but want a bit more oomph from your device, then maybe you will be able to soon. There are rumors circulating that Apple plans to soon offer an iPad Mini Pro device. If true, the iPad Mini Pro will have a True Tone display, a Smart Connector, four speakers and a 12MP rear camera. Interesting!

What do you think of these products? Do you think we will soon see them at an Apple Retail Store, or will they only remain rumors? Tell us everything!

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