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After an awesome holiday or your best friends wedding, it's hard to just choose one favourite photo, since you've taken so many great ones. So today we are going to show you have to make a collage of photos, so you can create a beautiful collection and look at all your special memories at once. It's not difficult, don't worry.

There are many computer programs and mobile applications that help you easily create a collage from your photos, such as Photo Grid, Photo Collage, PicMonkey... We wanted to make a howto guide with Picasa, a Google application for your photos, as it's relatively quick and easy to make a collage.


Steps to make a collage in Picasa:

1. Download the latest version of Google Picasa. To start creating a collage, click on the Create menu, followed by "Picture Collage".


2. Under "Clips", click "get images" to add the pictures you want to use. Then go back to the collage.

3. Picasa has 6 styles of disposable collages which you can choose from under the "Settings" tab. Check out some of the following styles:

  • Mosaic: Automatically adjusts the photos as you like. Easy if you're in a hurry.

make a photo collage

  • Frame Mosaic: a mosaic with a prominent center image.

make a photo collage

  • Contact sheet: Your photos will be separated from each other as thumbnails.

make a photo collage

  • Overprint: photos are superimposed over one another. It works well with a few photos, but do not overdo it, as if you use too many it will not look good.

make a photo collage

4. If you want to change the grid between your photos, set the color space or set the dimensions (TV, Caratula, Panoramic, website, etc...), you can do so in the "Settings" tab.

5. When you have completed everything, just click on "Create Collage". The image is saved in "My Pictures / Picasa / Collage" in JPEG format. Once saved, you can share it with everyone on your social networks!

And since you have created your collage with your favourite photos, why not use it to design a beautiful personalised phone case? Our design tool is very simple and it will not take much time. You won't regret the result!

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