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As of late, smartphones have begun looking alike, with smooth metal exteriors and essentially the same internal specifications. To get ahead of and to differentiate themselves from the competition, some smartphone manufacturers have begun to adapt. Making innovative products is an important part of every market, especially the mobile phone market, and these companies have recently created phones that have brand new features:

Innovative smartphone ideas



Motorola Innovative Cases


The Moto Z is made entirely of aluminum and has a modular design, meaning that different accessories can be attached to the device to add functionality!

For example, if you’re running out of battery, you can easily attach a module to the phone to extend your phone’s life.


As of now, only 4 modules have been announced:


JBL Sound Boost: turn up your speakers and enjoy your music to its fullest

Moto Insta-Share Projector: a mini projector, so you can display your screen at any time

Power Pack: extend your battery life up to 22 hours

Stylish cases: Wooden, leather or fabric phone cases


Rumours of an extra camera module are out there, so that you can take high quality photos with the assistance of optical zoom and a wide angle lens!




Google revealed a phone with an integrated 3D scanner that could revolutionize movement and tracking.


This phone will be similar to Microsoft’s Kinect program and will detect the room around you. Up to 250,000 3D measurements can be calculated per second.


It should come out in September at around $500.



Samsung Innovative Phone


Samsung’s innovative product is still a prototype, but they are apparently creating a flagship phone for 2017.


How about a smartphone with a unique screen that folds slowly in the other half, allowing you to put it in your pocket like a wallet?


So what’s so innovative about it? Well, apparently it will be sized like a wallet, but it can be folded in half. Yes, you heard that right. This phone will be completely flexible and foldable, so you can easily slip it into your pocket.


Once unfolded, your smartphone could become a tablet.


So, what do you think? What type of innovative smartphones have you found or heard of in the market? Let us know down below.

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