With the newly released app “Music Memos”, Apple offers a powerful tool for all musicians. GarageBand was already a hit by allowing professional sounding music production. However, Music Memos is useful in an entirely different way – it allows for you to record ideas anywhere at anytime, to manage the result and to share it with friends and fellow band members. In addition, you can have a general idea of how the sample sounds with all the instruments included.


Music Memos Features

The best part about the app is the ability to record music quickly and easily. The entire idea behind it is to be able to record anything as soon as an idea pops in your head. You can imagine the entire process to be like recording a voice message, however more for music. A song can be recorded using the iPhone’s microphone, however in the event that you’re looking for higher quality sound, a professional microphone can be plugged into the device.

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The most innovative feature of Music Memos is the ability to add background music. The app recognises rhythm and specific melodies in your recording and suggests a suitable tune to go along with it. Afterwards, drum and bass can be added that will match the rhythm and melody in your song. The program is even so smart, that it recognizes changes in speed of your voice. So you can simply begin without a metronome, the app with do the rest!


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Of course, all of your song ideas have to be managed somehow. You can change each song’s name and mark it with a star to label your priorities. You can tag your files with words like “Refrain”, “Strophe” or “Bridge”.


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Music Memos is built to recording fresh ideas and is not necessarily a tool for music editing. Software such as GarageBand is built for that, which is why these two apps work hand in hand. You can easily export your music samples from Music Memos directly to GarageBand, email them or upload them onto YouTube or Apple Music. That way, you can show the world your work!


Free on iTunes!

Music Memos is completely free to download on iTunes and is compatible with the iPhone 4S and up, as well as the iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad 3rd generation. Are you an musician and love this app? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!



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