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A few months ago, Amazon released the latest version of its infamous eReader, the Kindle. Since 2007, the year the first Kindle was released, eReaders have become indispensable for numerous people. Having an eReader is highly convenient and removes the need to carry around numerous books with you whilst travelling. Not that there is anything wrong with taking some old fashioned books with you on the go, it's just not always desirable. With that said, Amazon has released its 2016 version and we're going to take a look at what's on offer.

New Amazon Kindle Image from Amazon.co.uk

Amazon Kindle 2016

Let's start with a little explanation of what the device can do. With a Kindle you can download thousands of books from the internet directly onto your device without the need to connect it to the computer. You can then access these books offline whenever and wherever you want, either on the tram home from work or on a long drive... You can also connect to WiFi on the device and download the books directly or use a computer. Whatever you prefer!

New Amazon Kindle Image from Amazon.com

The latest version of Amazon Kindle is available here, with a very affordable price of £56.99! This eBook reader is thinner and lighter than previous versions, so you can read for hours without getting tired. It has a touch screen and can last several weeks before running out of battery. The internal memory is also higher than the previous model, so you can carry more books with you!

New Amazon Kindle Image from Amazon.co.uk

Apart from being very practical, the Kindle also has an anti-glare screen that lets you read lying down in the sun without any issues. Unfortunately, unlike the Kindle Paperwhite, the new model has not incorporated an LED light, so you can not use it in the dark before bed (which explains the low price). But hey, it's a small detail, simply turn on the lamp by your nightstand.

New Amazon Kindle Image from Amazon.co.uk

And if you want, you can now choose between black or white!

So what do you think? Are you someone who prefers an eReader or someone who prefers the feel of books in your hand? Tell us in the comments!

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