Lastest News! Breaking news for all, GoCustomized expands its range of products to offer its audience the new BQ cases. The Spanish brand of mobile phones and tablets is growing rapidly and we continue to seek the satisfaction of our customers. That's why, at GoCustomized we have the new BQ custom cases we offer since not too long ago. Read on to know more!

BQ is a Spanish company that is dedicated to the design and sale of electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets. This Spanish brand was born in 2009 and is known mainly for the excellent value for money. Affordable but  quality mobile phones! Although they still do not measure up to the two big brands, GoCustomized could not miss the new BQ cases.

BQ Aquaris M5

The Aquaris M5 BQ is an economical smartphone that offers premium features at no additional cost. The Aquaris M5 is becoming one of the Android tops for its fantastic fantastic sound quality and impressive camera.

This mobile phone may not be the most expensive on the market, but that does not mean it does not need protection as it deserves ... Designing a custom BQ Aquaris X5 case is very simple and fast. The design is printed in UV and with scratch-resistant ink on the back and sides of the phone.

BQ Aquaris M5.5

Aquaris has great competition in the market with prices of £ 200- £ 300 and continues to grow. Manufacturers are rapidly innovating to demonstrate that you do not need to spend millions of $$$ to have a good mobile.

Like the model presented above, the soft custom case is made of soft silicone covers the phone completely to avoid knocks or scratches. The customized case not only offers a unique look, but also provides the maximum protection for your mobile phone, thus always remaining in good condition.

BQ Aquaris X5 says: "You may not know it yet, but this mobile is one of the best affordable mid-range smartphones across the market, largely thanks to its design and long battery life. A very successful effort. "

And of course, the Aquaris X5 BQ custom case could not be forgotten. At the moment, we have these three BQ Aquaris models, but we are thinking of continuing to grow and expand our range of possibilities, just like what is happening with the Spanish brand.

What do you think the news of the new frames BQ? Do you think we should add more models of the BQ family? Let us know in a comment.

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