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Day-by-day it looks like we are slowly edging towards the inevitable moment when robots finally take over... Don't worry though, we can enjoy the journey until then! Facebook messenger has recently added a nifty new feature that now lets you interact with programmer designed Facebook Bots (small computer programs) that are more than willing to talk to you whenever you want.

Facebook Bots Image from alphr.com

It’s an interesting new feature and developers have been quick to act with over 10,000 bots already up and running. The “bots” can vary from news sources to fashionistas and even Burger King! Looking for someone (or something) to talk to? Let’s have a look at some interesting “bots”:


Skyscanner (Travel - @skyscanner)

Are you planning on booking some flights soon? Check out the Skyscanner bot that will help you search for flights, asking your origin, destination, and dates to help find the right flight for you.

Facebook Bots Image from skyscanner.com


And Chill (Movies – @textandchill)

If you’re tired of scanning through Netflix for the 100th time then check out And Chill. It gives you recommendations based on the things you tell it you like. Give it a go and see what you find!

Facebook Bots Image from andchill.io


Fynd (Fashion – @gofynd)

When it’s time to update your wardrobe, why not talk to Fify, Fynd’s fashion bot. Ask Fify what you’re looking for, such as ‘Black Running Shoes’, and it will show you what it finds.

Facebook Bots Image from makeuseof.com


The Wall Street Journal (Finance – @wsj)

Do you need to keep an update on the stock market? Add WSJ and keep updated with all the latest news and live market data.

Facebook Bots, WSJ Bot Image from theguardian.co.uk


Zork (Gaming – @playzork)

Searching for something a little more fun? It’s now possible to play the old school DOS game, Zork.

Facebook Bots, Zork Image from metablocks.com


Although they’re still a little rusty, the Facebook Bots are getting better every day. Keep an eye out for any new ones that you might find and let us know in the comments below!

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