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This article was published on January 22, 2018 by Brad.

The recent presentation in London of the latest Honor product, the Honor View 10, has positively surprised us both for the price and for its quality. Would you like to know more? Keep reading...

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This time, it seems that the company wanted to focus not only on the design (as they had done with their previous Honor 9), but also on the functionality. Although the all-glass phone is more engaging, the 10 instead has the metal edges, which is believed to be more functional and can become a life-saver to those who are more accident prone. In addition, there is also a standard silicone cover, which is very important given the slipperiness of the phone. Given that the Honor 10 has been fitted with a jack for the headphones, complaints will now become a thing of the past. It's a huge phone (the screen is in 18: 9 format). However, the thin screen and frame mean that the phone itself is not too bulky. The double camera on the back has now become the hallmark of Honor, and we can also find it on the last model produced by the company. The battery is designed to charge quickly and last a long time. For now, it seems that they have kept their promise, but to determine if this is the case, a couple of months of use will be required. The direct competitor of Honor has always been OnePlus: last summer the two companies launched the Honor 9 and the OnePlus 5, and have since fought to grab the title of the best low-cost smartphone on the market. Now, again, we have the Honor 10 against the OnePlus 5T for the same price.

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In conclusion, it seems a product of the highest quality, which can easily be compared to products of big brands like the latest Huawei Mate 10 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S8, apart from the price ...
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This article was published on January 22, 2018 by Brad.
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