New iOS 11 latest news - Release Date, New Features

Apple has yet again announced a new update coming out soon – the iOS 11. So it’s time to do some spring cleaning – delete some photos and some useless apps in hopes to make enough space for the newest update. Wondering when it will be released and what to expect? Look no further, just continue reading!

One of the most anticipated updates!

First and foremost before we get into the more important part, Apple has decided to follow the same structure as the iOS 10 release. The beta for iOS 11 should be released to the public sometime this summer, allowing testers and developers to make changes and make sure there are no glitches. This will be followed by the official and final release in September 2017 for newer phones – iPhone 7s and/or iPhone 8.


There are so many new features that were unveiled for the iOS 11 it is almost too hard to keep track of them all! Many of the updates are exclusive for the iPad, but there are a fair amount of features that are coming to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod

That new App Store redesign

One of the biggest changes in the iOS 11 is the redesigning of our favourite app store! When you first launch the app it will take you to the new Today tab which allows you discover new apps. You will also see new Collections, a Daily List – which will be centred on a daily theme, and tutorials that will show how to do things in new apps. There is also be a second tab called Games, whose purpose to help you discover both new and popular games. Apps also follow the theme and is designed similarly.

Our beloved Siri get a severe upgrade! To start, you can choose from a male or female voice. She or now he, will be able to talk to you using a more natural and expressive tone of voice – changing intonations, pitch, emphasis, and tempo while it speaks. Siri will also be able to translate English words into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

The lock screen and notifications have now been combined into one screen and the control centre has been redesigned and now is finally more customizable! It provides all the features in one page and has new sliders. To top it off it also has 3D Touch which allows quick access to more settings and features. A design to make life just a bit easier than it was before!

Make your pictures look professional

The famous iPhone camera software goes from great to outstanding. With improved image quality, Optical Image Stabilisation, True Tone flash and a lot more! For those with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will enjoy the High Efficiency image File Format, making your photos a smaller file size – meaning less “your storage is too full” notifications.

There are many more updates that you will see and discover once it comes out! Share your excitement with us in the comments below!


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