Recently, Apple announced its latest product, the new version of the it's main laptop, the MacBook Pro 2016. Apple's latest iteration of its high-end laptop confirmed rumors of an OLED touch screen on the keyboard. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the release of the first laptop of the company, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, introduced the new Macbook Pro as the finest of all MacBook Pros made so far. Keep reading for more information!

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Finally a new Macbook Pro! The one we have been waiting for! I was just thinking about buying a new laptop and this one looks fantastic. Do you also want to change computers? I'm sure you will be interested in the changes in this version.

Macbook Pro 2016 Features

Of course, the latest model has been improved and is now 25% more compact and thinner. Beyond aesthetics, Apple has revamped what is on offer inside the machine. Most notable is the inclusion of the sixth generation of Intel processors, graphics cards Radeon Pro Polaris 11, it can access memory faster and it also has faster storage units.

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The brightness and colour of the MacBook screen has also been greatly improved compared to the previous version. There is in fact 67% more brightness and contrast and 25% more color, for the 13" and 15" models.

But undoubtedly, the key improvement is the new Macbook Pro tactile identification and the new touch bar. With the TouchID sensor, users can unlock the computer and log on securely or even make purchases via Apple Pay.

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The OLED touch bar is located where the function keys used to be, and works as a kind of dashboard. Suddenly, the interface changes depending on the application that is in the foreground, and shows all the available options to you. In addition, the bar is customisable by adding shortcuts or options to make it better adapted to the way you use your computer. Many applications are compatible with this new feature. It is not essential but it must be said, this is a step forward in technological progress.

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The new MacBook Pro is available in stores from October 31, with a base price of £1,449. What do you think? We end the article with a video presentation, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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