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Ahhhh isn't it great at the end of the week to go to your local and enjoy a few cold beers. Wouldn't it be great if you had an excuse to do it more often? Even, perhaps, for a couple of weeks or so? Well, enter Oktoberfest! The festival in Germany dedicated to traditional music, amazing food and, most importantly, drinking copious amounts of cold beer!

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1. When and where is it?

For around two and a half weeks each year, from mid-September to early October, millions of locals and tourists flood to Munich, Bavaria, the official location of Oktoberfest. This year, Oktoberfest 2016 runs from September 16th to October 3rd. Although Munich is the official location of Oktoberfest, parties are actually held around the world in celebration of this yearly event. The festivities officially start when the Mayor touches the first keg and says, "O' zapft is!", or, "It's tapped!".

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2. Why is it called Oktoberfest?

This does seem a strange one, since the festival itself actually starts in mid-September. Going back to 1810, when the first Oktoberfest was held, a celebration was thrown to honour the marriage between Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The original festivities took place between October 12th and October 17th and a yearly party took place. Eventually, the date was moved forward to September to allow for better weather conditions.

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3. What do I need to wear?

Although not necessary, it's always fun to dress up in traditional clothing or, "tracht", especially when heading to Munich. Ladies, look out for a good quality "Dirndl" and guys, keep your eyes peeled for some quality "Lederhose".

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4. Do I need to reserve a table?

In short, yes. Although it is not necessary to reserve a table, it definitely makes things easier. You will have your space reserved and guarantee entry to a tent. If you do not, be prepared to get there early. All entry to the beer tents are free, but bear in mind, once a tent is full you are not allowed in.

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5. Do I need protection for my phone?

Let's face it, millions of people drinking millions of beers... That sounds like a great time, but we all know that accidents can happen. Of course, we want you to have a fantastic time but we also want to make sure your phone is protected. Why not choose one of our personalised phone cases to match your outfit during the parties!

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If you're at Oktoberfest or on the way, then we hope you have a fantastic time! Drink responsibly and try not to pass out and end up as a "beer corpse", or as the locals like to say, "Bierleichen". Let us know in the comments of any funny Oktoberfest stories you may have!

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