Looking for a job or internship? Well, you're more than likely to have a LinkedIn profile, but if it is not optimised, no recruiter will find you or contact you. So today we will give you 5 tips to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive!

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1. Complete your profile 100%

Above all else, add a professional photo to your profile. This is the first thing recruiters will see, so do no put your latest selfie! Fill in as much information about yourself (work experience, interests, specialised fields etc...). Be careful not to mention all the little jobs oyu've had. If you apple for a marketing job, the recruiter does probably not need to know that you've had three different kitchen assistant jobs in the summer.

2. Manage your network

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Send invitations to your friends, teachers, colleagues, etc... to expand your knowledge network. Assign skills to members of your network and ask them to return the favour. Recruiters can thus see at a glance your areas of expertise. You can also recommend people in your network, explaining why such a person would be interesting for a recruiter and ask them to do the same for you. It is best if these people are colleagues because their opinion is more important than your best friend.

3. Share

Another important tip: share . It is important to stay active on your LinkedIn profile. You can share news articles or interesting publications, or comment on those relationships. Remember to join professional groups. You can find people with similar interests to you to expand your network, but also ask questions to show you are active.

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4. Complete your profile summary

When recruiters are looking for the perfect candidate, they do not have time to read all the full profiles. Make their job easier by filling the most important information about you in the summary and encourage them to send you a message if they are interested in your profile.

5. Choose a catchy title

Make sure your title is catchy and precise, and a recruiter is more than likely to click on your profile. Feel free to use keywords that match the area you want to work in. Your profile will appear in a Google search when a recruiter searches with those particular keywords.

Finally, READ BACK NOW and update your profile regularly!

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Do you have other advice for the best LinkedIn profile? Feel free to leave your comments below!


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